• 1st Period [Theatre 2-4]

    2nd Period [Theatre I]

    3rd Period [Varsity]

    4th Period [Varsity]

    5th Period [Jr Varsity]

    6th Period [Jr Varsity]

    7th Period [Conference]


  • Dear KHS Students and Parents:

    In accordance with the District Policy put into place during this time of Social Distancing, all Learning Opportunities and Class Discussions will take place in Google Classroom.  All students should have already accessed Google Classroom at some point over the last semester.  If you are new to the class this semseter, please find the classroom codes below:

     Theatre 2-4 (1st Period):  at7m2u5

    Theatre I (2nd Period):  ii7p6ef

    Varsity (3rd Period):  ar6edbz

    Varsity (4th Period):  eibypgs

    Junior Varsity (5th Period):  7sdcysx

    Junior Varsity (6th Period):  lbu4h6x

     As of now, we have not received clarification regarding guidelines for public performances after we return to school.  As more information becomes available, I will share it with you; however, regarding current class shows- There will be no performance of the Theatre 2-4 class production of And Then There was One..., Varsity & JV shows are on hold until I have confirmation regarding future public performances.  Theatre I will also be on hold until further notice.  In lieu of memorizing lines and blocking in class, I will provide all students with unique learning experinces, which I hope the students find engaging and entertaining.  We will have class discussions within Google Classroom, allowing me the opportunity to assess their understanding and create a socratic dialogue of sorts!  I hope this finds you and your families in good health and good spirits... I understand that these are unique and trying circumstances; however, we will weather them together, until we return to some sort of normalcy.

     Kind regards,

    Mrs. Creech

    All assignments, rubrics and other important documents are posted in Google Classroom. Guardians do not have a login for Google Classroom, but they can use their students login to see.  The calendar posted on the website is the syllabus for the semester. Due dates and Summatives are listed. You can link to this Google Calendar by clicking the button at the bottom.
    Visit our department website: http://www.kingwoodtheatre.com
    The best form of contact is via my school email.
    Tutoring is Tuesday and Thursday B-block
    Students have access to computers in the Theatre classroom before school, during lunch and after school.