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    Hello! I am Mrs. Webster and welcome to my page, and to the 2022-2023 school year! I am so excited to have your students in my class this year! This is my 4th year as an AHS eagle, and I could not be happier to be part of such an amazing family. Teaching is my absolute passion and my purpose. I am looking forward to watching my students this year develop their love and knowledge of my subjects!

    In the (sort of) words of Derek Shepherd: "It's a beautiful day to change lives!" 

    2023 - Puerto Rico Trip Enrollment

    2024: Germany, Italy, and Switzerland Trip Enrollment


    My husband and I      My beautiful children


  •                                        SCHEDULE



    1st: 7:25-8:11


    2nd: 8:19-9:05


    3rd: 9:13-10:02


    4th: 10:10-10:56


    5th: 11:04-1:05


    6th: 1:13-2:00


    7th: 2:08-2:55




    In person tutorials are by appointment only.

    Conference request forms can be found in the Week at a Glance schoology 


    Class Expectations can also be found in in the class syllabus and in Schoology.


    Be Ready - be prepared for class with all materials.

    Be Respectful - be respectful of yourself, your teacher, your classmates, and all property within the classroom

    Be Responsible - take responsibility for your work, your actions, and your words. Your success in my class is a direct result of the effort you put into it. 


    3 strike corrections: 

    1st strike - teacher/student conference
    2nd strike - parent/guardian contact (and coach if needed) 
    3rd strike - referral to Student's principal





    What is my child missing?

    I highly recommend checking HAC on a regular basis to know what your child has, or has not completed.

    When is the assignment going to be graded? 

    I grade during my conference period (1st) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

    Why hasn't my email been answered? 

    I typically respond to emails within 1 business day. I do not check, nor respond to, emails outside of business hours. If you have not received a response within 2 business days, please feel free to follow up. 

    Where can I find the school work? 

    All school work is uploaded to Schoology. You can find it under the "Course Content" folder. 

    What will we be learning about?

    For World History, you can find our course framework HERE

    For Psychology, you can find our course framework HERE

    For Sociology, you can find our course framework  HERE