WELCOME BACK WILDCATS!!! I am so excited about this new school year!!! This will be my 9th year teaching; my 4th as an HMS Wildcat. Our focus in RELA is to make sure all students show growth in their skills, abilities, and confidence level when it comes to Reading and Writing. Reading and Writing are present in every subject on campus, and it is incredibly important for students to practice these skills both in, and out, of school. Independent reading at home is something you can do to help your student achieve success in school. 

    GRADES: HAC grades are updated weekly. Please make sure that both you and your student can access HAC in order to review grades in RELA. Instructions on how to access HAC can be found on our Homepage. 

    TUTORIALS: My RELA tutorial day is Monday from 4:15-5:00; students must have an invitation by their RELA teacher to attend. Tutoring is to be used for reviewing/practicing skills in which students are weak, make-up missed work, and for retesting CBA's. The student is required to spend the entire time in class with the teacher. There is an after school activities bus that will take them home if you cannot pick them up.

    CBA's: Students are responsible for attending tutorials for retests of Campus Based Assessments as they will not be given during regular school hours. Retests will be given after our class has had a chance to review and reteach skills.


    Class Schedule:






    6th-RELA Advanced


    CONFERENCE TIME T/Th/Fri: 3:04-4:00 p.m. (on late arrival: 3:19-4:00)

    EMAIL: kimberly.buckley@humbleisd.net or kbuckle@humbleisd.net 

    TUTORIALS: Monday 4:00-5:00


    -2 Composition Books



    Educationally Yours,

    Kimberly Buckley


K Buckley