Jessica Kimble

    6th grade AVID Elective

    7th grade TX History



    Hello Parents/ Guardians, 

    Welcome back to another school year! I look forward to partnering with you this year. Please know that my course information is in Schoology. Click on it to the left of this page for information on how to access it. Please email me should you have questions, and thank you in advance for your home support!

    Class Schedule                                                     

    Advisory 8:30A - 9:06A                                                                       

    1st Period: TX History Advanced

    2nd Period: TX History Advanced 

    3rd Period: TX History Advanced 

    LUNCH 11:53A - 12:23P

    4th Period: TX History On-Level                                                                   

    5th Period: Conference/PLC/Planning Meetings (please email to schedule an appointment for a conference)                     

    6th Period: 6th grade AVID Elective

    7th Period: 6th grade AVID Elective                                                                     

    Tutorials for AVID

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays during AVID class

    Tutorials for TX History

    Fridays from 4:05pm to 4:30 pm, or any other time in advance by appointment



    Enter to learn. Leave to achieve. Plan. Prepare. Succeed.