• Raymond Lucier

    Hello Students and Parents,

    I want to start this off by saying welcome to Humble High School Chemistry!

    Everything we are doing this year is on Schoology. You must log into schoology through Myhumble https://my.humbleisd.net/ .  If you need hlep with loging information and password resets contact your students AP for assistance https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/3083. Below you will find helpful information.


    Turning in assignment:

    All assignments but be submitted into schoology for credit.

    1.  For questions that involve a google document: Copy and paste the question from the posted schoology assignment on a google doc (google doc is your work space) and when you have finished  the assignment submit it in schoology.

    Submit ---> create ---> copy paste your work ---> submit

    2.  For imbeded schoology assignment you just hit the submit botton when finished.


    Zoom Meetings:

    1.  Log into your Myhumble https://my.humbleisd.net/  

    - Click on Schoology

    - Find and click onàChemistry class

    - Click Weekly zoom meeting folder

    - Click on Period every other day meet up

    - Click on zoom link

    2.  If that link does not work for you do the Manual Method

    In the zoom folder where you find the link at the bottom you will find:

    Meeting ID:


    Go to zoom and hit join a meeting and put in the Meeting ID number then Passcode

Mr. Lucier

Schedule & Tutoring

  • Schedual:

    Monday: Chemistry lesson Schoology

    Tuesday: Chemistry lesson Schoology

    Wednesday: Chemistry lesson Schoology

    Thrusday: Chemistry lesson Schoology

    Friday: Chemistry lesson Schoology

    Zoom Meeting Start Times:

    *Always - Check the current schedual for zoom meet rotations by period*

    1st Period - No zooms my conference

    2nd Period - 8:00am

    3rd Period - 9:00am

    4th Period - 9:00am

    5th Period - 10:00am

    6th Period - 10:00am

    7th Period - 11:00am


    Mon-Friday 8am-3pm

    1st Period Conference 

    If you have ANY question email me at: