• Anne Lynch

    Humble ISD Art Teacher
    Bear Branch Elementary
    Room #300/on the cart
    Anne Lynch
    Art Schedule
    Bear Branch Elementary 
    August 11th - 21st Online instruction
    August 24th - May 28th Face to face and online instruction
    8:00-8:50 Fifth Grade
    9:00-9:50 Fourth Grade
    10:00-10:50 Third Grade 
    10:55-11:25 Lunch
    11:25-12:15 Conference
    12:15-1:05 Second Grade
    1:15-2:05 First Grade
    2:15-3:05 Kindergarten 
    Welcome to the creative, challenging and inspiring world of Elementary Art!  It is going to be a unique year and I am excited to be teaching your kiddos.  I will have Art grade level Google classrooms for all students during the first 2 weeks, (and these will continue for our online learners throughout the year). August 24th I will be traveling to your kiddos classroom with my Art cart where we will create unique beautiful art with student specific supplies. During Art this year we will create work with a focus on Line, Color, Shape, Form, Space, Value and Texture while learning about various artists.  The students will be challenged to problem solve and think creatively during the art making process.....and they will produce some amazing Art.

    The Bear Branch Art environment is a positive and stimulating place where we explore and express our artistic ideas using the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.  Please take a minute to view student artwork from the past couple of years on this site following the 'Welcome' page. 

    I am proud to teach the student artists of Bear Branch Elementary.  They never cease to amaze me as they continue to create beautiful and inspiring ART!   Enjoy!
    Current Events:
    The codes for the Art grade level Google classrooms will be sent out the week of August 11th.  In the meantime check out my Virtual Art Room.  Each image has a link to an interactive Art experience like how to make the perfect paper airplane or click on my dog Vinny to learn how to draw Blue dog like artist George Rodrique.  You can also open my "Distance Learning Art Lesson Plans" page to the left for Art making ideas you can do at home. Please email me pictures of any work that you do, alynch@humbleisd.net or tweet it to me @MsLynchART.  You can also check out my "Kid Friendly Websites" for great interactive art projects you can do now. And lastly, remember......
    keep calm & make art


    Elements of Art
    Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Color, Value, Space
    Principles of Design
    Unity, Pattern, Rhythm, Balance, Variety, Emphasis, Proportion
                          TAEA District of Distinction
    BBE Student Collaborative Art


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