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          This is my 15th year teaching and helping students to become lifelong READERS! I have a BA in History from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX.. 

    Because I love reading so much, I have dedicated the last 15 years to becoming a Reading Specialist. I have training in AVID, Read 180, International Baccalaureate, and Dyslexia (Reading by Design). 

         I truly do love reading. The most books that I have read during one school year was 67 books for a total of 22,674 pages! On average I read about 30-40 books for FUN every year. My favorite book series is Harry Potter, which I read at least once every year! Yes, I have read the entire series over 15 times. 


    Can you out read me this year?


    Contact Information:

    Christie Railey


    Room 400A

    Phone # 281-641-4051


    Class Schedule

    • 1st Period Dyslexia
    • 2nd Period Dyslexia
    • 3rd Period Dyslexia
    • 4th Period Dyslexia
    • 5th Period Dyslexia
    • 6th Conference
    • 7th Period Dyslexia


    Parent/Student Tutoring by appointment.

    Clubs Sponsered:

    Please email me for club information

    Nacho Ordinary Book Club

    Come Join us after school on Taco Tuesday's in room 400A, where we get together read any book we want and eat nacho flavored things, then "Taco-about" them.

    Calligraphy Club 

    Come join us after school to learn the art of writing.

    Harry Potter Club

    Come join us to Read the books, watch the movies, create you wands and other stuff, and get sorted into your Hogwarts Houses.

Christie Railey
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