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    Website of the week: Create a masterpiece with Tate Paint!

    p  *creation by Ms. P

    Spotlight 11:  Keith Haring for Kids coloring book

    Spotlight 10: EXTRA!!! You all know how much I love the artist, Chris Uphues. He now has free printable coloring pages to download from his website. Yes!

    Here is the link: Shop Beautiful Days/ free downloads

    Spotlight 9: The Mondrian Square Challenge (grades 2-5)

    Spotlight 8:     Color Theory Game      

    This is tricky. Keep at it and you will figure it out! Practice, practice, practice!

    Spotlight 7:       Quick, Draw!

    Challenge yourself! See if you can draw the prompt so Google can guess what it is. Good luck!

    ed  EARTH DAY Challenge- Wednesday April 22, 2020.

    Here is a fun craft (from Crayola) to do today. You will recycle a used milk carton into a bird feeder. You will need scissors, pencil, paint, string and bird seed. Have fun!


    *1. Cut the shape out of the front and back of the carton as shown.

    *2. Cut the wing shapes out on the opposite two side as shown. Be mindful not to cut all of the wing out. Notice the top of the wing is still attached so it can be bent upwards to form the wing.

    *3. Paint your feeder as you wish. Add the eyes and a beak too.

    *4. Punch a hole in the top to add the string for hanging. Add bird seed and hang outside.

    Always ask for help from an adult if you need it! Safety first!

    Spotlight 6:          The Elements of Art video

    Watch this claymation video about the Elements of Art!

    Spotlight 5: Let's Celebrate Texas Challenge

    #TexasDrawingChallenge #TexansHelpingTexans


    Thanks H.E.B!

    Spotlight 4:          Studio JJK- Jarrett J. Krosoczka

    Follow Studio JJK every day this week and draw along with him. Jarrett J. Krosoczka is an author and illustrator. Enjoy!

     Spotlight 3:          BOMOMO- very interesting Drawing platform

    bomomo  *this is my creation. 

    Spotlight 2:         Sand Art Creator

    * create wonderful art by dropping virtual sand in this online game called, 'This is Sand.'

    sand   This is what I created. The colors are much brighter on the website. Have fun!

     Spotlight 1:     Mandala Creator 

    A mandala is circular. Try this site and create your own mandala design. You can choose your colors as well.

    LP mandala  *this is the Mandala I created using this website. It's really fun!

     star Neighborhood Window Walk Idea:

    Week 3/17: SHAMROCKS (click to follow a short drawing video)

    Week 3/20: SILLY FACES & DOODLE FACES (click the links)

    3/23: Animals: UNICORN , LIZARD , HUSKY (click for video)

    3/30: Flowers: Sunflower , Bouquet of Flowers , Cherry Blossoms 

    4/1: Jokes: Tell a joke to a family member- draw their facial expression!

    4/4: Eggs: Overlapping Eggs

    * I hope you enjoyed doing this challenge! I appreciate all of your hard work.heart  


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     We did it!                                              

Me and my girls!
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