• Welcome to Art, Sculpture and Advance Drawing!!

    I'm so excited to be creating with you this year & seeing your talent shine. 

    Dispite everything going on; Thank you for working so hard!

    My page is always a work in progress, but I hope to have it a place where you can go and find everything you need.


    In this uncertain time, some of our students and familes may need a little help.

    If you'd like to help sponsor an art kit please click HERE to do so!



    Follow me on Twitter @SCHS_Burd as I LOVE to tweet about you and your amazing artwork!!

    Speaking of amazing artwork:  Check out my new Virtual Student Art Gallery promoting their great work during distant learning!!




Some people dream of meeting their favorite artist, I teach mine
  • Schedule

    1st:  Varsity Swim

    2nd:  Conference

    3rd:  Drawing 3 & 4

    4th:  Zoom office hour

    5th:  Sculpture 2 & 3

    6th:  Art 1

    7th:  JV Swim

  • Office Hours


    4th period:   10:30 - 11

    After school by appointment


    **Reminder - I'm a Swim Coach in season**

    Some weeks may change once days or times or be by appointment, but please check back as I'll ensure communication so you know when those times will be 

    Thank you for understanding

  • Mrs. Natasha Burd

    Art Teacher

    Art Club Sponsor

    Head Womens Swim Coach



    Room 1836