Julie M. Jackson

    Dual Credit English IV (1301/1302) and AP English Language and Composition
    Room 1208
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    Fall 2020 FAQs:
    Where can I find the schedule of what we're doing/what's due each week?
    Schoology is the place to find everything you need. A unit calendar will be posted on the front page of your course. Each week's activities, along with due dates, can be found in the weekly folders (the current week always appears on top).
    Where do I find assignments and class materials?
    You guessed it: Schoology.  Each week's folder will include a learning overview for the week, along with all activities (videos, links to online activities, assignments to submit within Schoology, etc.) Since many students have chosen virtual learning, every resource we use will be housed online and accessible at any time. And just in case a student falls behind, the previous weeks' folders will still be available to access.
    How will I turn in my work?
    Some assigments will be submitted right in Schoology.  Others will be uploaded to Turnitin.com, posted on Flipgrid and other educational sites, and some might even be emailed directly to the teacher.  Not to worry.  Every assignment will have clear instructions for how to submit it. And if you get confused, reach out to me. We're all figuring this out together!
    How do I retrieve graded work?
    Grades will be regularly updated in HAC. Feedback on assignments will be provided electronically through whatever medium the assignment was submitted in.  If you ever need/want additional feedback, email me and we'll set up a time to chat.
    I need help with my assignments! How do I get it?
    I will be available for office hours each day--these will be posted as soon as more details are released about our fall schedule. Still stuck? Send an email and we'll set up a time to chat.
    I'm having technical issues with Schoology, turning in work, etc...
    Check out Mr. Legaspi's FAQ Page for help!