Parent Survey Parent Satisfaction Survey
Help your child’s school! Take a quick, anonymous Parent Satisfaction Survey! All responses will be analyzed to determine what is working well in your child’s school and any areas that may need improvement.
The survey is open March 20-April 17. Take the survey here.

Encuesta sobre la satisfacción de los padres
¡Apoye la escuela de su hijo! Tome la encuesta sobre la satisfacción de los padres la cual es ¡rápida y anónima! Todas las respuestas serán analizadas para determinar lo que está funcionando bien en la escuela de su hijo y si algunas áreas podrían necesitar mejoras. La encuesta estará disponible desde el 20 de marzo hasta el 17 de abril. Tome la encuesta aquí.

Karen Weeks - Principal
Alison Pierce  - Assistant Principal
Jerlene Smith - Counselor
Waynette Clinkscales - Nurse
Front Office - 281-641-2700
FAX - 281-641-2717
Cafeteria - 281-641-2708
 The mission of Jack Fields Elementary is to establish a positive,
collaborative partnership among
students, parents, faculty
and the community that is committed to the belief that:
*Learning is fundamental
*Personal interaction and information from scored
assessments are used to monitor the learning process; and
*Levels of educational assistance are used to
ensure continuous growth

Registration Information

If you need to register a student please contact Christna Jackson to schedule an appointment for regisrtation.  Appointments are required for registration. or 281-641-2703


Bad Weather Dismissal
Students, who are bikers or walkers, will not be released from school if the following is occurring at the time of dismissal: *Heavy downpours of rain* / Lightning and Thunder / Hail/Tornadic Activity
**Bikers/Walkers will be dismissed in the event of light rain showers** Once the conditions (listed above) have passed, students will be dismissed to go home.  However, if the above conditions continue, parents must make arrangements to pick up their students no later than 3:30.  Please know your child’s safety is our number one concern, so we must strictly enforce the 3:30 pick- up since no supervision will be available for your child after that time.