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  • On-line Registration
    New to Humble ISD? Click here for registration instructions.
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  • Lunch Schedule
    Kinder--------------- 10:30-11:10
    1st Grade----------- 10:45-11:20
    2nd Grade---------- 11:00-11:40
    3rd Grade----------- 11:15-11:50
    th Grade----------- 11:50-12:30
    th Grade----------- 12:20-12:55
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  • My School's Cool
    My School’s Cool is a special
    community program committed
    to building relationships with area
    and providing cash rewards
    for shopping at Deerbrook Mall.
    Participating schools earn points by

    shopping at Deerbrook Mall and
    submitting receipts to the school
    coordinator Cynthia Garcia-Lara in
    Office.  Each dollar spent at the
    mall earns the participating school
    one point. Thanks for all your support!
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