Shelley Vineyard
Executive Director -  Financial Services Operations
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Fax: (281) 641-1091

Melinda Sappington
Assistant Director of Purchasing
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Renee Chewning
 P- Card & Travel Coordinator
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Catherine Dalles
(281) 641-8994
Monica Comeaux
Bid Specialist
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Tanya Pounds
Bid Specialist
 Dawn Davison
Purchasing Specialist
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Susan Hinson
Purchasing Specialist
Yolanda Aleman
Requisition Specialist
Cheryl Perschall
Requisition Specialist


TEA Education code Section 44.031 states that all District contracts valued at $50,000 or more in the aggregate for each 12-month period, shall be made by the method that provides the best value for the District:
1. Competitive bidding.
2. Competitive sealed proposals.
3.  A request for proposals for services other than construction services.
4.  An interlocal contract.
5. The reverse auction procedure as defined by the Government.
6.  The formation of a political subdivision under  Local Government Code   394.001