Print Shop

Print Shop
Teresa Wilson, Print Shop Coordinator
Teresa Rock
Monica Malave
1703 Wilson Road, Building A
Humble TX 77338
Phone Number:
(281) 641-8949

Kathy Fontenot, Document Center Supervisor 
(281) 641-8928
Shelley Vineyard, Executive Director of Financial Services Operations
(281) 641-8990
Fax: (281) 641-1091

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The Print Shop will start accepting FastTrack orders again on August 1st, 2016.
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The Humble ISD Print Shop (“PS”) provides copy and print services for all District campuses and departments (“Org). The PS is equipped to meet the majority of print and copy job requests which are based on standard production sizes, specifications, and finishes. As requests are submitted, the PS Print Coordinator determines whether or not a print/copy request can be reasonably and economically produced in-house.  Seasonal volume, specialty finishing, and non-standard formatting possible reasons that a print or copy job might need to be outsourced.


When an Org requires copy and/or print services, the Org will first fill out a PS Order and submit the order to the PS Print Coordinator.
The PS Print Coordinator will determine if the PS can produce the requested print order.  The PS Coordinator will either return a quote or an explanation that the job cannot be completed at the PS.


The Org will then determine whether to accept the PS quote or to seek an outsourcer.  If the Org decides to use an outsourcer, the Org will provide Purchasing with a copy of the PS’s response to the order as a part of the requisition documentation.
For more information consult complete Printing Guidelines