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Students at Summer Creek are divided into six house areas:  Copper 1 & Copper 2, Carbon, Silver 2, Gold 1 & Gold 2.  Each house has its own Counselor, House Principal, and Secretary.  The houses are broken down by last name and grade.  This arrangement helps to break students into smaller learning communities, creating a more personal home within the larger school.  To send an e-mail message, click on the Counselor's name below.

Not sure which House you are in?  Check your schedule or look at the Registration tab in Home Access Center (which also has a link to email your Counselor).  By the way...Home Access Center (HAC) is a great tool provided for parents to check grades, attendance, and email teachers with any concerns.  

If you need assistance with your HAC login or password, please email Nancy Young  (include your student's name). 

 Regina Watson Regina Watson:
Lead Counselor

A-CA Counselor
 Neatra McMiller Neatra McMillerCE-GL Counselor281-641-5499
 Chastidy Sanders Chastidy Sanders
GO-LA Counselor
John Sheridan
LE-OS Counselor281-641-5681
 Sharon Garcia Sharon GarciaOT-SH Counselor281-641-5591
 Jana Murray Jana Murray
SI-Z Counselor
 Laura Frazier Laura Frazier
Student Support Services