Mrs. Filbin
Mrs. Filbin  
Lisa Filbin, RN, BSN
School Nurse
281.641.1605                                                                                                                                                 Dear Parents.I have finished screening the school .Please make sure that your children always bring their glasses to school.We are getting to testing season so this is very important!!Please remember if your child needs medication at school it SHOULD ALWAYS BE BROUGHT IN BY AN ADULT. ....PLEASE CONTINUE TO STRESS HANDWASHING AND COVERING YOUR MOUTHS WHEN COUGHING.Also speak with your MD.CONCERNING flu shots....PARENTS PLEASE FOLLOW OUR GUIDELINES;DO NOT SEND THEM BACK UNTIL FEVER FREE 24 HOURS WITHOUT MEDICATION....This is very important to keep these illnesses to a minumum for the teachers and other students...As we start with colder weather please pack some chapstick in your childs backpack....2/18/14.. 20 out today which is encouraging,but continue to be alert because there continues to be alot of flu in Texas....STREP THROAT CONTINUES TO BE REPORTED,EVEN WITH NO FEVER...
Eye doctors recommend a yearly formal eye exam. I encourage you to read the Buzz and the new parent/student handbook. They are both wonderful ways to discover how we do things at BEAR BRANCH and HISD. Please check this site often--I post current health issues going on in the building and where I am in my screening.
  • As always, we are concerned with the spread of germs here at school, so please continue to stress HAND WASHING with your children and learning to cover their mouths when coughing.
  • Please check the Sick Day Guidelines under "Clinic Protocol" for GREAT ADVICE and when to send your child back to school. If you send them back too soon, they might relapse or catch something new.
  • Be aware that strep throat is out in the community. If your child is diagnosed with strep throat, they need to remain at home for 24 hours on antibiotics and be fever free for 24 hours BEFORE returning to school.
  • Always call our Absence Line (281.641.1619) to report any illness and give the symptoms. We provide weekly absence reports to the Health Department.
  • With the start of cold weather, we get increased cases of head lice. We ask you to continually check your child's hair and report any head lice to me. Our teachers are continually observing for frequent head scratching and will send them to me for a check.
  • If you ever have a concern regarding your child's vision or hearing, you can always call and request another check.
  • Call me if you are interested in your child's BMI--I would love to discuss this with you.
  • Please, if your child wears glasses, make sure they always bring them to school!
Thanks for your support!