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Staff Directory

Principal, Bob Atteberry: 281-641-4201
Assistant Principal, Jennifer Holloway: 281-641-4212
Assistant Principal, James Paschall: 281-641-4213
6th Grade Counselor, Shana Steinke: 281-641-4228
7th Grade Counselor, Crystal McElrath: 281-641-4227
8th Grade Counselor, Jeff Brown: 281-641-4226
Attendance: 281-641-4203 
Front Office: 281-641-4200 
Nurse: 281-641-4205
Registrar: 281-641-4207
Last Name First Name Title/Dept eMail Phone
Alexander Dawn Special Ed Dawn.Alexander@humbleisd.net 281-641-4286
Atteberry Bob Principal Bob.Atteberry@humbleisd.net 281-641-4202
Avila Diana Science Diana.Avila@humbleisd.net 281-641-4286
Azam Farhat Technology Farhat.Azam@humbleisd.net 281-641-4327
Baron John Science John.Baron@humbleisd.net 281-641-4287
Barra Zane Choir Zane.Barra@humbleisd.net 281-641-4311
Braine Alice Librarian Alice.Braine@humbleisd.net 281-641-4206
Brandon Jayne Science Jayne.Brandon@humbleisd.net 281-641-4293
Brown Jeff 7th Grade Counselor Jeff.Brown@humbleisd.net 281-641-4226
Brown Monique Special Ed Monique.Brown@humbleisd.net 281-641-4267
Burciaga Norma Office Norma.Burciaga@humbleisd.net 281-641-4224
Cardenas Mayra Math Mayra.Cardenas@humbleisd.net 281-641-4254
Cisneros Elvia Dianostician Elvia.Cisneros@humbleisd.net 281-641-4204
Clark Ashley LSSP Ashley.Clark@humbleisd.net 281-641-4310
Clark Brenda Office Brenda.Clark@humbleisd.net 281-641-4211
Cobb Jennifer Theater Arts Jennifer.Cobb@humbleisd.net 281-641-4320
Crawford Amy Foreign Language Amy.Crawford@humbleisd.net 281-641-4232
Cummings Lisa Social Studies Lisa.Cummings@humbleisd.net 281-641-4283
Daigle Gina RELA/ESL Gina.Daigle@humbleisd.net 281-641-4244
Davis Janice RELA Janice.Davis@humbleisd.net 281-641-4241
Ehlers Katie RELA Katie .Ehlers@humbleisd.net 281-641-4233
Eisterhold Jessica Math Jessica.Eisterhold@humbleisd.net 281-641-4249
Enderle Katie Girls Athletics/PE Katie .Enderle@humbleisd.net 281-641-4309
Eoff Jessica Math Jessica.Eoff@humbleisd.net 281-641-4246
Fennell Wade Band Director Wade.Fennell@humbleisd.net 281-641-4239