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    Clinic Policies

    Students need to have a pass from their teacher to be seen by the nurse.

    Students with medical needs can obtain a special clinic pass to use so they can be seen by the nurse immediately.

    All medications, over the counter and prescription, need a Medication Administration form filled out by the parent. You can download a form in the "Important Documents" link on the left side of this screen. All medication needs to be in its original container & brought to school by the parent/guardian.

    Many students do not feel well, but may not be sick enough to go home.
    Parents cannot be called on all students, but a parent will be contacted if the nurse has a concern or feels a conference about the students condition is necessary.

    Parents are encouraged to contact the nurse to discuss their child's health issues.


    Vision and hearing screening will be done on all 7th grade students and 6th & 8th graders new to the district.
    Referrals will be mailed home.
    Parents can call with any questions or concerns.

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