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Instructional Support

Instructional Support, Specials, and Special Education
Lynn Bennett-Art
Stephanie Clarke, Special Ed
Kasey Tindall, P.E.
Tina Stayton, Receptionist
Kerrie Hagest, IT Para
Lindsay Countryman, Music
Michelle Hise, ALT-Reading
Patty King, Interventionist 
Wendy Loflin, Librarian
Debbie Miller, Special Ed Para
Leslie Poulin, Special Ed Para
Alicia Pearce, ALT-Math
Spencer Pottlitzer, P.E. Para
Laura Sim, LSSP
Kelly Sims-GT
 Bridget Core, CSTA
Krystal Sims, Instructional Technologist   
Hayley Manuel, Special Ed.
Chrissy McCandlish, Speech Therapist