How Can I Help in the Library? 
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Book Shelvers 
Students turn in books EVERY day!!!  Shelvers keep the books back on the shelves and organized.  Shelvers also help keep the library picked up and in order.  Times are flexible, because there is no student contact.  A shelver just signs up for a particular day of the week, and can shelve any time between 8:00am and 3:00pm.   

Book Preparation
WE REALLY NEED HELP IN THIS AREA!!!  New books need to be prepared for circulation.  Also, there are many books in need of repair.  If you like tedious work and consider yourself a perfectionist... book preparation is a great way to get involved in the library.  There is a little training involved, and the hours are flexible.

Student "Shopping" Assistant 
 Volunteers for "Shopping Assistant" will work with Kindergarten and/or First graders.  Students need help finding that "perfect" book. This is the job for parents who like assisting and teaching students to locate appropriate books in the library.  First option is to volunteer weekly for a 45 minute time slot.   Second option is to volunteer every other week for a 45 minute time slot.    3rd, 4th and 5th grade parents can also volunteer to help with Kindergarten and/or First graders.   Shopping Assistants also help keep the library picked up and in order.    

Book Fair Volunteers
This requires working once or twice a year to help make our Book Fair as successful as possible.  Volunteer options will be to help with set up/take down, decorations, advertisement or special events.  There will be a  Fall Bookfair and a Spring Bookfair.  Each bookfair will last approximately one week (set up/take down a few days before and after).    Volunteers will be able to choose just one area or multiple areas to help with.


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