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New Faces, New Places

  • Happy Trails to Cindy Hunt

    Posted by Public Communications at 10/27/2016

    Hidden Hollow Elementary bids farewell to Cindy Hunt, their Assistant Principal for the past 10 years. Before coming to HHE, Cindy was an Assistant Principal at Timbers for 5 years, and a Special Education Teacher at Hidden Hollow for 11 years. Before coming to Humble ISD Cindy taught in Klein ISD for 9 years. She has served as an educator for a total of 35 years.

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  • Happy Trails to Ron Stump

    Posted by Public Communications at 10/11/2016

    Happy Trails to Ron Stump, Teacher and Coach at Atascocita High School for the past 5 years. Before coming to AHS, Ron taught and coached in various places for 29 years. He is retiring after a total of 34 years in education.

    To see other retirements from earlier in 2016, check here.

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  • Curriculum/Instruction

    Posted by Public Communications at 9/30/2016

    Curriculum Instruction welcomes new Curriculum Specialist Sherene Belinfantie and Coordinator of Gifted & Talented Diane Sconzo.

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  • Special Education Instructional Support

    Posted by Public Communications at 9/30/2016

    Special Education Instructional Support welcomes the following:

    • Amber Snyder, Assistant Director Special Education
    • Deborah Hebert, Assistive Technology Specialist
    • Allison Boggess, Audiologist
    • Kimber Gianous, Diagnostician
    • Rossa Lim, Diagnostician  
    • Elizabeth Stewart, Diagnostician 
    • Jessica Trenado, Diagnostician  
    • Jessica Wilson, Diagnostician  
    • Kayla Kosa, Specialist Education Support
    • Kristina Alcala, LSSP
    • Sara Glass, LSSP
    • Janet Wislar, LSSP
    • Cindy Kernahan-Bertrand, LSSP
    • Poe Prochaska, Occupational Therapist
    • Emily Freiberg, Speech Therapist ASHA/CCC/Master
    • Martha Hoppe, Speech Therapist Asha/Ccc/Master
    • Laura Santiago Olivo, Speech Therapist Asha/Ccc/Master
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  • Atascocita High School

    Posted by Public Communications at 9/30/2016

    Atascocita High School welcomes new Counselors Lisa Erickson, John Hardy, Radha Patel, and Albah Robert.

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  • Humble High School

    Posted by Public Communications at 9/30/2016

    Humble High School welcomes new Assistant Principals Lakesha Freshwater and Jermon Malone, and new Counselors Krystle Black, Carla Braden, and Jessica Mitchell.

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  • Instructional Services Center

    Posted by Public Communications at 9/30/2016

    ISC Building welcomes new Advanced Academics Coordinator Harleigh Jones.

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  • Public Communications Office

    Posted by Public Communications at 9/28/2016

    Public Information welcomes new Writer Valonia Walker and new Office Professional Marcy Ramirez.

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  • Superintendent's Office

    Posted by Public Communications at 9/16/2016

    New to the Superintendents Office are Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen (of course!) and also Executive Assistant Beverly Aden and Administrative Assistant Jennifer Tobio.

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  • Kingwood Middle School

    Posted by Public Communications at 8/31/2016

    Kingwood Middle School welcomes new Counselor Shana Steinke and new Speech Therapist Michelle Mariani.

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