Attendance Specialist

Angela Garcia


How do I report my child’s absence?

·Call the Attendance Line at 281-641-3810 -OR-

·Fax a note to 281-641-3817 -OR-


What is the district’s policy on attendance?

All students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time to class for the entire period of each of his/her classes in order to receive maximum benefits from their instructional programs.  To receive credit in a class, state law requires that a student must attend at least 90% of the days that class is offered.

When is the official attendance taken for the day?

Our official attendance time is 9:35am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  It is at 11:15am on Thursdays, due to late arrival.  Please note that attendance is taken EVERY PERIOD at the middle school level.

What are the check out procedures?

·Students may be checked out during the school day until 3:40pm Monday-Thursday and 3:30pm on Friday.

·Students will only be released to parents, legal guardians or other individuals who are listed on their Emergency Release Form.  A valid driver’s license/ID with photo is required to release students. 

·If the parent or legal guardian has a name change, please bring proof and the student’s records will be updated. This is especially important because the name on the attendance card and the name on the picture ID must be the same.

·We cannot send for the student early in order to “have them ready” when the authorized individual arrives.

·Students must be signed out at the Attendance Office by the authorized individual picking them up.

What are the check in procedures once the school day has begun?

·If a student is tardy, they will be required to sign in and head directly to their grade level office. A parent note is required for any period(s) missed in order to excuse the absence.

Tardy Policy

1st tardy


2nd tardy


3rd tardy


4th tardy


5th tardy

Friday Class

6th tardy

AP Discretion


·If a student is checking in after a medical visit that day, they will be required to sign in and provide the Attendance Office with a note from the doctor in order to receive a pass to class.  If a student is checking in after a medical visit that day and no note is provided, they will follow the tardy procedure above.

If my child was absent a full day or left school early, what do I need to provide to have the absence excused?

If your child was absent a full day or left school early, a note signed by a parent or a note from the medical facility at which they were seen is required within 48 hours of their return to school.  The only exceptions to this 48 hour window are absences that schools are required to excuse per the state of Texas.  Below are two links to the Texas Education Code and Humble ISD board policy that explains these exceptions.  If a student or parent brings in documentation to support one of these exceptions, the school will accept it after the 48 hour window.

·A doctor’s visit, if the student commences classes or returns to school on the same day of the appointment

·Observing religious holy days

·Attending a required court appearance

·Time at a governmental office applying for citizenship

·Taking part in a U.S. naturalization oath ceremony

·Serving as an election clerk

·Two days during the junior or senior year for college visits

·A student involved in sounding “Taps” at a military honors funeral

TEC Attendance Expectations


Compulsory Board Attendance Policy


Why wasn’t my student’s absence excused?

The Attendance Office will not change the “U” (unexcused) code if a note from a parent/medical facility is turned in later than two days following the student’s return to school.  Outside of the exemptions listed above, absences documented after the 48 hour window will require administrator’s approval to be changed to an excused absence.

How can a parent request assignments for absent students?

When a student has been absent for three consecutive days, a request can be made through your child’s Assistant Principal’s office to collect homework. 

Most common attendance codes used are:




Counts as an absence?


Unexcused absence

The student was absent from school and no documentation was turned in within 48 hours of their return to school to explain the absence.



Parent Call / Note

The student returned to school and turned in a parent note within 48 hours of their return to school to explain the absence.



Doctor Note

Student missed a full day of school

A doctor’s note explaining the student’s diagnosed illness was turned in within 48 hours of the student’s return to school.



Doctor Visit

Student missed a partial day of school

A student either checked out early or returned to school from doctor/dentist visit and provided a note from the medical facility.



School Related Absence

The student attended a school related extracurricular event.