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Staff Directory

Main Phone Line: 281.641.4600
Absence Phone Line: 281.641.4603
Cafeteria: 281-641-4608  
Diagnostician: 281-641-4604
Fax Line: 281.641.4617
Library: 281-641-4606
Registrar: 281-641-4607
Please find the AMS Staff Directory listed below, dial 281-641-XXXX
and add the extension as the last four digits.
Karl Koehler
6th grade AP
Amanda Worthen
7th grade AP
Steve Steinke

8th grade AP
Wanda George
Last Name First Name Title/Department Email Phone
Anthis Jessica Drama Teacher 281-641-4635
Anthis Michael Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4699
Barnes Aaron Band Director 281-641-4638
Bates Joni Esl/Rela Teacher 281-641-4651
Batiste Cecily Avid/Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4651
Bell Lloyd Science Teacher 281-641-4662
Bellard Crystal Sped Paraprofessional 281-641-4776
Bernal Audrey Diagnostician 281-641-4729
Bilbo Shalonda Sped Teacher 281-641-4647
Blakemore Susan Foods For Today/Hospitality Teacher 281-641-4675
Branch Becky Sped Csta 281-641-4646
Burch Jennifer 6Th Grade Counselor 281-641-4626
Cabral Jaclynn Bookkeeper 281-641-4611
Cannon Patricia Sped Teacher 281-641-4776
Chechak Rosie Nurse Aide 281-641-4760
Cormier Angel Cafeteria Manager 281-641-4608
Degood Wendy 7Th Grade Admin Assistant 281-641-4610
Digregorio Judith Health Teacher 281-641-4645
Edwards Jennifer Math Teacher 281-641-4688
Enriquez Ruth Head Custodian 281-641-4731
Espindola Jonathan Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4698
Fenner Rontrece ISS 281-641-4764
Foster Justin Rela Teacher 281-641-4650
Fuentes Giovanni Orchestra Teacher 281-641-4636
Gagliano Dania Science Teacher 281-641-4670
George Wanda 8Th Grade Assistant Principal 281-641-4620
Gilbert Dylan Coach/Math Teacher 281-641-4690
Gobea Renee Math Teacher 281-641-4728
Goodman Julie 7Th Grade Counselor 281-641-4625
Goudeau Lois Coach/Science Teacher 281-641-4664
Greene John Robert Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4693
Grissom Daniel Sped Paraprofessional 281-641-4647
Grizzaffi Sydnie Science Teacher 281-641-4669
Hamous Mitzi Art Teacher 281-641-4680
Henderson Latrecia Math Teacher 281-641-4685
Herring Amber Sped Csta 281-641-4646
Hillyer Debbie Math Teacher 281-641-4691
Hindberg Dawn Rela Academic Lead Teacher 281-641-4705
Hobbs Jill Science Teacher 281-641-4671
Hogue James Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4732
Holbert Joycelyn Math Teacher 281-641-4776
Holbert Samuel Sped Paraprofessional 281-641-4686
Holcomb Gina Girls Coach 281-641-4709
Holloway Troy Sped Teacher 281-641-4648
Hoyng Taylor Coach/Health Teacher 281-641-4609
Ieva Courtney Math Teacher 281-641-4724
Ingles Brittany Rela Teacher 281-641-4648
Jack Tedisha Science Teacher 281-641-4665
Johnson Rebecca It Specialist 281-641-4633
Jones Gia Social Studies Academic Lead Teacher 281-641-4694