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Staff Directory

Main Phone Line: 281.641.4600
Absence Phone Line: 281.641.4603
Cafeteria: 281-641-4608  
Diagnostician: 281-641-4604
Fax Line: 281.641.4617
Library: 281-641-4606
Registrar: 281-641-4607
Please find the AMS Staff Directory listed below, dial 281-641-XXXX
and add the extension as the last four digits.
6th grade AP
7th grade AP
Steve Steinke

8th grade AP
Last Name First Name Title/Department Email Phone
Anthis Jessica Drama Teacher 281-641-4635
Anthis Michael Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4699
Barnes Aaron Band Director 281-641-4638
Bates Joni Esl/Rela Teacher 281-641-4651
Batiste Cecily Avid/Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4651
Bell Lloyd Science Teacher 281-641-4662
Bellard Crystal Sped Paraprofessional 281-641-4776
Bernal Audrey Diagnostician 281-641-4729
Bilbo Shalonda Sped Teacher 281-641-4647
Blakemore Susan Foods For Today/Hospitality Teacher 281-641-4675
Branch Becky Sped Csta 281-641-4646
Burch Jennifer 6Th Grade Counselor 281-641-4626
Cabral Jaclynn Bookkeeper 281-641-4611
Cannon Patricia Sped Teacher 281-641-4776
Chechak Rosie Nurse Aide 281-641-4760
Cormier Angel Cafeteria Manager 281-641-4608
Degood Wendy 7Th Grade Admin Assistant 281-641-4610
Digregorio Judith Health Teacher 281-641-4645
Edwards Jennifer Math Teacher 281-641-4688
Enriquez Ruth Head Custodian 281-641-4731
Espindola Jonathan Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4698
Fenner Rontrece ISS 281-641-4764
Foster Justin Rela Teacher 281-641-4650
Fuentes Giovanni Orchestra Teacher 281-641-4636
Gagliano Dania Science Teacher 281-641-4670
George Wanda 8Th Grade Assistant Principal 281-641-4620
Gilbert Dylan Coach/Math Teacher 281-641-4690
Gobea Renee Math Teacher 281-641-4728
Goodman Julie 7Th Grade Counselor 281-641-4625
Goudeau Lois Coach/Science Teacher 281-641-4664
Greene John Robert Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4693
Griggs Candice Science
Grissom Daniel Sped Paraprofessional 281-641-4647
Grizzaffi Sydnie Science Teacher 281-641-4669
Hamous Mitzi Art Teacher 281-641-4680
Henderson Latrecia Math Teacher 281-641-4685
Herring Amber Sped Csta 281-641-4646
Hillyer Debbie Math Teacher 281-641-4691
Hindberg Dawn Rela Academic Lead Teacher 281-641-4705
Hobbs Jill Science Teacher 281-641-4671
Hogue James Social Studies Teacher 281-641-4732
Holbert Joycelyn Math Teacher 281-641-4776
Holbert Samuel Sped Paraprofessional 281-641-4686
Holcomb Gina Girls Coach 281-641-4709
Holloway Troy Sped Teacher 281-641-4648
Hoyng Taylor Coach/Health Teacher 281-641-4609
Ieva Courtney Math Teacher 281-641-4724
Ingles Brittany Rela Teacher 281-641-4648
Jack Tedisha Science Teacher 281-641-4665
Johnson Rebecca It Specialist 281-641-4633