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Humble ISD Lesson Repository

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Distance Learning



Movie Maker2

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Graph Club

Cyber Safety

Web 2.0 Applications

CPS Clickers

In the Classroom


In the Classroom

Using the Web
Teach students in grades 1-6 to use the Internet


CPS Clicker

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Microsoft  Tutorials






Using Word in the Classroom

Using Excel in the Classroom

Making Labels in Word

Using PowerPoint in the Classroom

MicroSoft Office Tutorial
Tutorials on Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Microsoft 2007 Tutorials
Video and hands on training









Technology in Literacy


Read Write and Think

Literacy Tools

Improving Student Writing Skills

6 Trait Writing

Lesson Plans

Interactive Venn Diagram

Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Book Report

Writing Letters

Writing Poetry

Expository Writing

Descriptive Writing

Narrative Writing

Creative Writing

Compare and Contrast

Writing Resources

Paragraph a Week Writing Program


Persuasive Writing

Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Interactive Site

PBS for Kids

Interactive Activities

Fairy Tales, Fables, Rhuymes and Myths

The Biography Maker

Integration Ideas

Practice TAKS

Guide to Grammar and Writing

PowerPoint Presentations Guide to Grammar & Writing

Newberys and the Net

Caldecott Connections

Literary Elements in Writing

Reading Strategies

Don’t Buy It

 Media Literacy for Kids

Questioning Toolkit



Technology in Science


National Science Foundation

NASA  for Educators

Interactive Science Activities

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Science Game Templates

Interactive Activities that explore science

Brain Pop


How Stuff Works

Great Science Links

The Magic School Bus

My Pyramid

Healthy Eating

Learn to be Healthy

Electricity & Magnetism

What is Electricity?

The Science of Light

My Schoolhouse

Science Lessons & Worksheets

Bug Bios

Information about insects

Exploring the Environment

Endangered Species



Ocean Explorer




PBS Savage Seas

Ocean Printable Activities

Ocean Lesson Plans

The Great Plant Escape

Land Forms


Water Cycle

Water Cycle


Weather One

Dan’s Weather Page

Educational in Nature

Environment Awareness

Cell Structure and Function

Human Body and Mind

Interactive Activities

Human Anatomy


How the Body Works

Human Anatomy



Technology in Social Studies


Outline Maps


White House for Kids

History for Kids

Headline Spot for Kids

Current Events

Printable Maps

2010 Census Lessons

Google Earth

National History Museum

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Timeline Maker

Interactive Timeline

PBS Democracy Project

History Detectives Kids PBS

Teach the Children Well


Texas Historical Commission

Core Democratic Values


Technology in Fine Arts


Online Museums

The Arts Websites

Metropolitan Museum of Art

National Gallery of Arts for Kids

DSO Kids

Introduce students to symphonic music, the orchestra and its instruments



Art Games

Art Lesson Plans

Integration into the Classroom





Classics for Kids

World Music from National Geographics

Smithsonian Jazz

Songs for the Classroom

San Francisco Symphony

Create music, tempo

Jam Studio

Create your own music




Teacher Tools


Virtual Reference Desk


Over 100 free templates for teachers to use


Discovery School Puzzle Maker

Game Templates for Teachers

Make Your Own Word Puzzle


Graphic Organizers

More Graphic Organizers

Certificates, Name Tags


Certificate Maker

Reward Certificates

Certificates, Games and Clip Art

Create Games Activities and Diagrams in Flash

Rubric Maker

Landmark for Schools

Rubric Builder

Calendar Maker and Time Converter

Recipes for 4Success
Lesson Plans with supporting web sites


Thinkfinity (Marco Polo)
Search for lesson plans and interactive lessons


Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

Best Web Quests

WordSmyth Dictionary
make up word lists, vocabulary quizzes, crossword puzzles


Kathy Schrocks Guide for Educators


Using the Internet

Education World

Teaching Strategies from Scholastic


Learner's Online
Weekly Online Lessons


Lesson Plan Resources


Blog Sites for Educators



Lesson Ideas and Lessons

Enchanted Learning




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Set Up RF CPS Sytem

Create New Database

Create A Lesson

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Engage Lesson Function

Create A Fast Grade Answer Key

Integrate PowerPoint

There It Is Team Activity

Verbal Questions

Download and Import State Standards

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