• wow wednesday

    WOW stands for With-Out Worksheets. Every Wednesday, our teachers at Lakeshore Elementary integrate technology in place of worksheets to make their lessons more engaging and relevant to the real world. Here are some of our teachers and the activity they did with their class:

    Ms. Denning


    Mrs. Keller


    Ms. Henson


    Mrs. Barela


    Mrs. Dennis



    Mrs. Bergeron - 4th Grade


    Mrs. Horton - 5th Grade



    Mrs. Jones - 3rd Grade



    Mrs. Benavidez - 3rd Grade



    Mr. Plaia - 3rd Grade


    Mrs. Colbert - 3rd Grade


    Ms. Sanchez- 3rd Grade


    Mrs. Cottrell - 5th Grade


     Mrs. Longhofer and Mrs. Ackerman - Learning Center


    Mrs. Fairchild - 4th Grade


    Mrs. Hunt - Kindergarten