Creekwood Middle School
Construction Projects - 2008 Bond Program
Items Planned in Future Bond Sales (unless specified complete)
Replace bleachers in gym (completed)
Repair/replace or add new lighting in hallways, completed Summer, 2012
Remove water tower
Put all exterior lights on one controller
Repair high walls around gym/cafeteria (completed)
Add GFI outlets in Science labs, completed Summer, 2012
Improve ventilation in Science rooms
Increase comfort and indoor air quality to normal levels; recommission AC controls
Construct sidewalk at entrance to track and football field and regrade
Improve outside air intake and add automatic air dampers for outside air (completed)
Replace kitchen floor with quarry tile (scheduled, Summer 2013)
Relocate (8) suspended air handler units presently over gym to roof; add pretreatment unit to pretreat outside air before entering school (completed)
Replace VAV boxes
Revise control sequence to operate both chilled water pumps to prevent overloads (completed)