Atascosita Middle School
Construction Projects - 2008 Bond Program

Items Planned in Future Bond Sales (unless specified complete) 
Add more exterior lighting to building
Put all outside lights on one controller
Replace pneumatic controls with DDC
Repair high walls around cafeteria/gym to eliminate leaking (completed, Summer 2009)
Add GFI's in Science labs (complete, Summer, 2012)
In kitchen, provide additional cooling to B-line, relocate electrical equip, replace rusting diffusers
Install additional exterior lighting near food service entrance and T buildings
Replace rusted hollow metal frames & doors at food service area & restroom (complete, Summer, 2012)
Replace (2) DX units on  three T buildings
Replace kitchen floor with quarry tile (scheduled Summer, 2013)
Replace dust collection system in wood shop (completed Fall, 2010)
Relocate (8) suspended air handler units above gym floor to roof, install pretreatment unit to preheat outside air before entering school and replace ductwork and diffusers (complete, Summer, 2010)
Replace fire extinguishers and cabinets (complete, Summer, 2012)
Replace operable wall partitions with ultra wall systems (complete, Summer, 2012)
Replace remaining chilled and hot water piping insulation with phenolic foam insulation
Replace countertops at Science casework (complete, Summer, 2012)
Replace wood shop lights and lenses on restroom lighting (partial completed, Fall 2010)
Upgrade electrical circuiting in Teachers' lounge
Install Walk-in freezer/cooler assembly with 400 sq ft with shelving (completed, Summer 2009)