Software/Subscription Approval Process

The purpose of the Approval Process is to ensure that software and online subscriptions purchased by campuses and departments (whether by purchase, grant, or donation):

  • Are in line with teaching and learning goals of the District
  • Meet or exceed purchasing standards for quality and value
  • Are compatible with existing and planned technologies


BEFORE YOU SUBMIT A REQUEST:  Search the Approved Software/Subscription List to see if the title is already on the list.
Tips for searching the Database: Although you can search multiple criteria by using the drop down arrows for each topic, try to limit your search to one area. Be careful selecting multiple items because it may not have each criteria listed in the database. Also be aware that there is a "Next" option if the search returns more than 25 titles.

NOTE:  The process must be completed  for version changes as well.  For example, if Photoshop Elements 5 is on the list and you want to purchase a newer version, you must go through the approval process.
If the title AND version you want to purchase is not on the list (not yet approved), proceed to STEP 1.  
STEP 1: Complete the  SOFTWARE/SUBSCRIPTION REQUEST FORM  and forward to the appropriate 
Coordinator or Administrative Department Head. (see list below)
  • Coordinator, Math, Elementary- Melissa Christensen
  • Coordinator, Math, Secondary - Angela Cornelius   
  • Coordinator, Social Studies - Matt Webb
  • Coordinator, Science & Health Education, Secondary - Donna Ullrich
  • Coordinator, Science, Elementary - Lisa McCorquodale
  • Coordinator, Reading, Secondary Language Arts - Debbie Perez 
  • Coordinator, Reading, Elementary Language Arts - Livia Callahan
  • Coordinator, Special Programs- Chandra Torres
  • Assistive Technology - Debbie Hebert 
  • Fine Arts - Houston Hayes
  • Keyboarding, Technology Applications, Career and Technology - Kristy Kaizer
  • Director of Career & Technical Education - Marley Morris

STEP 2: The Coordinator or Administrative Department Head will arrange for the purchase of the title to preview. (A regular version, not a demo, must be evaluated). Coordinator creates a preview committee with representation from three different campuses and Special Education personnel to evaluate the software/website. The EVALUATION FORM must be completed by three different campuses.

STEP 3: The Coordinator or Administrative Department Head will  APPROVE/DISAPPROVE 
and TWO FORMS--Evaluation AND Approved/Disapproved--are forwarded from the Coordinator to Technology Services. Once those TWO forms are received, the software/subscription is added to the Approved Software List.