Welcome to the KPHS Choir website!
The KPHS CHOIR CAR WASH has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 1st @ The Vision Source on Kingwood Drive.   The car was will last from 10am - 3pm (an hour shorter than usual).
Students are divided into the following alpha groups by LAST NAME to work a 2 hour shift:
10am - Noon: A - D
11am - 1pm: F - Maj
Noon - 2pm: Man - Rod
1pm - 3pm: Rom - Z
Don't forget to invite you neighbors, family members, church fellows, postal workers, pastors, H-E-B Cashiers... pretty much anyone you meet!  Car wash is on a DONATION basis - so feel free to give as you wish!
First and foremost, you need to order the music from a music publisher/provided.  Please make sure you order the LSC (Large School Choir) All-State Packet.  (Ordering the SSC Packet will be the WRONG music.)  You may order music at any of the following locations:
 Your first audition is on Thursday, September 11th in the KPHS Choir Room.  The audition will consist of two thirty-second cuts from two separate pieces.  All auditions will occur out of view of the judges.  Written critiques will be provided the following day.  Pieces auditioned will be:
Suffer no Grief (Women Only)
Gloria (Men Only)
Coeles ascendit hodie (All Parts)
On this website, you should be able to find everything you need to know about the KPHS Choir program.  All documents and forms will be downloaded through this website or e-mailed to you directly.  We will not photocopy and hand out many items in class, so please visit back here frequently and use it as an information resource.

The calendar is set in August. As changes occur, it will be updated, although I try not to make too many of those.  Students are required to know this calendar and their choir obligations on it.  The calendar page is a reliable place to go for dates of rehearsals, concerts, programs, and any choir events.

Choir Room - 1103

2014-2015 Class Schedule

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2nd period


3rd period


4th period

Bel Canto

5th period


6th period


7th period

at KMS Choir

Tutorials available upon request.