Name: Amanda Fontenot
Grade:  9th
Subject / Department: World Geography/Social Studies 
Room Number: 2203
Telephone Number: 281-641-7042
Email Address:
Make Up Days:  Wed. 2:55 & Fri. 6:35

In this class we will tour the world studying human and physical geography.  We will compare cultures and religions, explore the economic systems throughout the world, and learn how geography has shaped history and cultures.  We will examine the causes of the various challenges faced by different people in different locations, and how individuals and groups work to resolve these challenges.  We will study the impact of technology, inventions, and discoveries.  We will evaluate the patterns of geographical change and establish theories about the current and future status of the world.


For text message alerts regarding upcoming class events, please text @c0a58f to 832-564-3359.