Last SAT Test Date this year June 7, 2014

Must register online:

New:   Students now must send in a photo when registering

On test day they must bring: photo id, registration ticket, calculator, pencils, and snacks


 S.A.T.  & A.C.T. Waivers/Study Guides

Students MUST register online for these tests. Or, pick up packets for mailing, located in the Registrar"s Office,.

Check the Testing Websites for Registration and Testing deadlines.

We have FEE WAIVERS available for SAT/ACT or College Applications, if you are on free or reduced lunch status.                    

You can also pick up STUDY GUIDES for the SAT, SAT subject, or ACT in the Registrar"s Office, Room #3003.



USE THE CODE: 443485 when prompted online for "high school code"  Using Humble High School's college board code of 443485 will ensure your results end up on your high school transcript.

LIMIT 2 TESTING WAIVERS per student, per test.
SUMMER UPDATE:  We are out of waivers for this year.  Next S.A.T. test is scheduled for October 11, 2014.
CollegeBoard will start accepting signups in June.  Humble High School will not receive new waivers until
September 1st.
 College Application Waivers
Seniors who participate in the free or reduced lunch program & have 
ALREADY TAKEN an S.A.T. test, are eligible to ask for a College
Application Waiver when they are applying to a college 
If your senior has NOT taken an S.A.T., they are not eligible for a
College Application Waiver.
Limit of 4 per student. For SENIORS only.
Visit Room #3003 for the Waivers, Registrar's Office.
If you have taken an AP class, followed by the AP Test, it is the RESPONSIBILITY  
to look up the college of your choice for confirmation that they will accept your AP credit. The student then MUST
confirm the earned college credit once they are enrolled in that college. You must show proof that you took the class
and the test.  Test results can be obtained from your CollegeBoard account, by contacting your Counselor or our Testing Coordinator. 
 Humble High School Testing Coordinator:

  LaKenya Scott

Office #2300 – 281-641-6322