"Education costs money, but then, so does ignorance." ..Sir Claus Moser
        Scholarships Currently Available:
  Scholarships are for SENIORS unless otherwise noted

 Amount  Requirements  Eligibility  How to Apply
Art Institute of Houston, varying scholarships  
Varying, depending on scholarship
 Please check web site to determine which scholarship you are interested in     
 Check web site at:
 American Legion  
 Varies by scholarship
 Varies by scholarship
 Varies by scholarship
 To see listing of available scholarships, eligibility and application, go to:
African-American Scholarship Directory  various  Must have at least one parent who identifies as Black or African-American
 Directory is on-line only:  
Scholarships for 'Historically Black Colleges"
Latino Scholarship Directory  various  Must have at least one parent who identifies as Hispanic or Latino
   Directory is on line only:  www.latinocollegedollars.org
 varying  Native American Scholarship     various  Listing of Scholarships available  
 Directory is online:
 varying Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Information    various   Listing of Scholarships available   Directory is online:http://apiasf.org
 varying Scholarship Directory by subject  various  Listing of Scholarships available  
Directory is on line only:
Scholarship for trade schools
 UTI Institute
 Listing of various scholarships at website
Check for deadlines for various websites
 Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
 Various scholarships award  over $300,000 in scholarships
 Interest in fashion, visual arts, graphics, interior design and entertainment. Offers bachelor of arts, bachelor of science and associate of arts degree programs
 Requirements vary depending on scholarship  
Apply on line at:
 SARA Scholarship
 $2000 per year for 4 years
 Graduating Female Senior. Involved in sport of golf. GPA 3.1 or  higher
 Attend accredited college or university. Show Financial need. Include Transcript. Essay. File FAFSA
 For complete requirements and application, go to:
 HMAA Scholarship Program
 Varies Graduating Senior. Must attend Morehouse College. Demonstrate financial need. Minimum GPA 3.0. Community Service.
 Official transcript. HS resume. 2 letters of recommendation. 500 word biography, discuss career goals
 Mail to:  MHAA Scholarship Program, P. O. Box 300401, Houston, TX 77330
For application and further information go to:
Click on recruiting
 Magic Johnson Foundation
 $1000 Graduating Senior. Live in the U.S.  Be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident
 Grades and academic performance will serve as indicators of potential. Emphasis on   individual's essay.
 For essay topic and to apply online:
 FormSwift Scholarsihp Contest
 $1,000 Graduating Senior. One page business plan, make a brief PowerPoint or make a 2 minute video about one of the suggested topics on the website.
 See website for topics.  
 For directions on submission go to:
 Diamonds in the Rough Ministry International
 Varies Graduating Female Senior. Minimum GPA 2.5. Resident of Texas. Must be enrolled in college or university.
 Official transcript. Letter of recommendation.  Personal statement.
Thank you letter to Diamonds in the Rough required.
 For application, personal statement topic and address to submit application go to website.  Application must be received by 5/1/15. 
 Applications also available in Office 3003.
 TCTA Scholarship
 $5,000 Graduating Senior. U.S. citizen and Texas resident. Minimum GPA 2.0. Show financial need. Official transcript.
 Student must be nominated by High School teacher or Counselor.   Forms available in Office 3003 for counselor. Preference given to students who are the first in their families to seek higher education.
 Deadline is midnight, Friday, May 1, 2015.  For complete directions go to website at:
 05/01/15 PHCC Scholarship
 $1000-$5000 Senior. US citizen. Resident of Texas. Minimum 12 credit hours.
 Attend an accredited 2 or 4  year community college, technical college or trade school with a major directly related to plumbing-heating-cooling profession.
 For all requirements, application and submission instructions go to:
 Texas Hospitality Association

 4-Total of $10,000
 Graduating Senior.  Design a poster.  Must convey the message "If you are under 21, it's illegal to consume or purchase alcoholic beverages in Texas"
 See website for contest rules.
 Must be postmarked by 5/1/15.  Entry  must  be sent to
Texas Hospitality Association
P. O. Box 26752
Austin,Texas 78755
 05/01/15 Texas Nursery & Landscape Association
 $1,000 Senior. Texas resident. Major in horticulture, business or related field, intend to enter horticulture field
 Official transcript. 2 letters of recommendation (see website for details)
 Application available on line. Must be postmarked no later than 5/1/15.  See website for address.
 HESI Scholarship

 Graduating Senior. Hispanic student.  Minimum GPA 3.0.
Resume. Transcript. Letter of recommendation from a teacher or  counselor
 Demonstrate financial need. Present a record of academic success. Take 12 semester hours each semester a a recognized college
 Application available in Office 3003.  See application for address to return all required documents.  Must be postmarked no later than 5/1/15.
 Striving for Excellence

 Graduating Senior.
GPA 75-89. 500 wood essay. 2 letters of recommendation. Small school picture. Letter of acceptance from college on school letterhead.
 $1000-4 year college; $750-2 year college; $500-vocational school.
 Application  online or available in office 3003. Applications must be turned in or postmarked no later than May 1, 2015.  For Essay topic go to link:
 05/01/15 Nordstrom Scholarship
 $10,000 Junior. Minimum GPA 2.7. Apply for financial assistance (FAFSA). Community and volunteer activities. Attend 4 year college or university in U.S.
 Criteria: academic achievement and potential.  School activities. Leadership. Employment. Awards/honors. Financial need
Apply online.  Application must be completed and submitted online by 5:00 p.m. on 5/1/15.
 Ozarka Every Drop Counts
 $10,000 Graduating senior.  GPA 3.0 or higher.  U.S. citizen
 Pursue higher education in earth/environmental science at a accredited 4 year college or university
 Application available in Office 3003. Must be postmarked on or before Friday, May 15, 2015.
 Kingwood Area Quilt Guild

 (2) $750
 Graduating senior. Desire to continue education.  Grades will be considered but not necessarily a top priority
 2 letters of recommendation.  Essay (topic on application. Official high school transcript
 Application available in office 3003.  Submission address on application. Application due May 2, 2015 and 5:00 p.m.
 05/06/15 Grand Slam for Youth Baseball Scholarship
 Varies Senior. Reside in Greater Houston area. Evidence of admission to college/university.
 2 adult recommendations. Participated in an organized youth baseball or softball program
 For application, criteria and submission instructions:
 Asian American Architects and Engineers foundation
 Varies Graduating Senior. US citizen or US permanent resident. Member of AAa/e(see website)
 Involvement or service in community. Personal statement. 2 letters of recommendation.
 For all details and submissions instructions:
 05/31/15 Al's Formal Wear
 $1000 Senior. Attend college/university Fall 2015. Essay.
 Letters of recommendation. Transcript.
 For application, rules and directions for submission go to:
 Texas Interscholastic League Foundation

 Varies Graduating Senior. Must have competed at the UIL Academic State Meet any year of high school. Must have taken SAT or ACT. Enroll full time in college. Maintain 2.5 college GPA
 High School transcript. SAT/ACT score reports. Letter of recommendation from principal, assistant principal, UIL coach or counselor. Copy of first two pages of guardian's most recent IRS 1040 form
 For complete directions and details go to online website.  Must apply online at:
 05/31/15 Positive Coaching Alliance Triple Impact Competitor Scholarship
 $1000-$2000 Junior(class of 2016). Minimum GPA 2.5. U.S. citizen. Participant in individual or team sport sponsored by school or local club
 Complete application, one letter of recommendation from athletic director, teacher, counselor. One testimonial from a coach.
 For additional information and application go to:
 05/31/15Tad Nelson Law Scholarship $500Senior seeking a future career in law. Must file your FAFSA (after Jan. 1st) before applying for scholarshipNeed-based scholarship but will not exclude achievement standards. GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
Online application, log on to:  
 Lamps Scholarship Essay Contest
 Graduating Senior.
500-1000 word essay
 Topic of essay and requirements are on website
 For submission directions go to:
 RevZilla Design Scholarship
 $1,000 Graduating Senior. Create a new t-shirt desire for the ZLA army. 
 For directions on design requirements and submission of design go to website.
 For design and submission directions to to website:
 06/01/15Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship
 $1,000Senior.  Scholarships for many different sports. Must be current or former  high school athlete entering college
400-500 word essay
Funds to be used towards the cost of tuition and books
 Email essay and other required information. See link for more information:
 Global Lift Equipment Scholarship

 $500 Senior. Resident of U.S. or Canada.  Minimum GPA 2.5. Must plan to attend college or university in the U.S.
 Must write short story.  Go to website for further details.
 Apply online at:
 Big Sun  Scholarships

 Graduating Senior.
Student Athlete.
 Essay. Topic on website. Include name and school you are attending.
All essay submissions should be sent to
For more information, go to:
 06/26/15 Dennis W. Holder Scholarship Fund
 varies Senior. Child or grandchild, biological or adopted of an active or retired City of Houston Firefighter.
 Accepted into accredited 2 or 4 year school. Community Service. Essay. Transcript.
 For all applicants' requirements and forms to be downloaded and for submission directions go to:
 Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship

 $1,000 Graduating Senior. U..S. citizen or permanent resident.  Plan to attend accredited US college or university
 Selection based on written essay and based on creativity, content and commitment to the cause of deleting cyberbullying
 Apply online or print out application and mail to address listed on application:
 Astanza Q-Switched Laser Annual Scholarship

 $2,500 Senior. Minimum GPA 3.0.  Enroll in accredited college.
 Go to website to get directions on how to apply.
 Information and application on website:
 CCA Texas STAR scholarship

 $20,000  plus consolation scholarship for $20,000
 Fishing scholarship. Must become a member of CCA for $10. Between dates of 5/23 and 9/7/15, catch the largest speckled trout or largest flounder, gafftop or sheepshead
 Tournament (no cost to enter) information available at link.  Consolation drawing for a $20,000 scholarship for those not winning in their division
 For complete information on tournament and requirements go to:

Special Circumstance Scholarships


Basis of Eligibility

Potential Value

How to Apply

Adopted Students

Status as adopted child of parents who participated in an adoption assistance program under Texas family Code :162

Tuition and Fees

Contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/) or the Admissions Office at your college or university.

Foster Care Students

Documentation from the Dept. of Family and Protective Services of placement in the care of conservator ship of the TX Dept. of Family and Protective Services prior to age 18, through the day of high school graduation. Must enroll in Texas college or university within 3 yrs of graduation, but no later than age 21.

Tuition and Fees

Contact the Texas department of Family and protective Services (http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/) or the Admissions office at your college or university.

Children of Disabled or Deceased Fireman, Peace Officers, Game Wardens and Employees of Correctional Facilities

Status a child of a parent who was disabled or died in the line of duty

Tuition and Fees for the first 120 undergraduate credit hours or until age 26, whichever comes first.

Contact the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at 512-427-6344512-427-6344 or 800-242-3062800-242-3062 ext 6344 or email grantinfo@thecb.state.tx.us

Children of certain TANF Recipients

Status as dependent child of parents who received TANF benefits on your behalf for 6 months of your senior year.  Enrolled in Texas college or university within 2 yrs of graduation before age 22.

Tuition and Fees for 1 year

Contact the Admissions Office at your college or university



Scholarship Questions?   281-641-6307