USA Biology Olympiad
USABO is the premiere biology competition for high school students in the United States. It is administered by the Center for Excellence in Education. The USA Biology Olympiad enriches the life sciences education of nearly 10,000 talented students annually. It provides the motivation, curricular resources, and skills training to take them beyond their classroom experience to the level of international competitiveness.
After two rounds of challenging exams, twenty Finalists are invited to a residential training program where they learn advanced biological concepts and exacting lab skills at Purdue University. Ultimately, four students earn the right to represent the USA at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO), a worldwide competition involving student teams from roughly sixty countries.

Round 1 USABO Open Exam:

The first round consists of a 50 minute, teacher administered, multiple choice exam that can be given during or after school.

Round 2 USABO Semifinal Exam:

The Semifinal is a two hour exam consisting of three sections. The exam is administered at school by a licensed teacher. Part A of the Semifinal Exam covers basic knowledge in a multiple choice format (approximately 40 minutes). Parts B and C consist of higher level questions with multiple answers, interpretation of graphs, analysis of data, case studies, fill in the blank questions and some open response questions (approximately 80 minutes). A student must pace him/herself over the three sections.

National Finals at Purdue University:

Students are responsible for transportation to and from the USA Biology Olympiad National Finals. Laboratory investigations and USABO lectures and discussions are conducted by professors, all with Ph.D.’s, all experienced in undergraduate instruction, all renowned researchers in a biological discipline. Laboratory experiments are similar to those of a third year undergraduate. Evenings consist of tutoring, study, the distinguished lecture series and unstructured time. Counselors and lab assistants, all former IBO medalists, and the CEE academic advisors live in the dorm with the finalists.



Practice Tests

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