Science Olympiad is a year long activity starting with an invitational tournament around November for practice purposes, followed by a regional tournament in March, at which if a team places first or second, the school can advance to the state tournament in April or May. Every year, the Math & Science League has advanced a team to to the state tournament.

The invitational and state tournaments typically have around 26 events that cover various topics of science, each one described by a set of event parameters. They range from tests to engineering projects. Two members of the fifteen member team participate in each event, with some events having three. Members first submit choices for events they would agree to prepare for. Members are awarded events based on a judgement of their appropriateness for the event from demonstrated knowledge and past achievements, as well as event scheduling (groups of events run concurrently).

Last year and this year, we've had two teams for the invitational and regional tournaments, but only one team per school can go to state. The state team is reformed with the best members in each event if possible under scheduling and other restrictions.

Science Olympiad gives students the opportunity to become an "expert" in the topics of their events, to have a reason to study the disciplines of their interest and test their expanded knowledge. The highest scorers or the best-performing projects win medals. Ranks from each event are totaled to determine the top-performing schools, who are awarded trophies.

This year's events:
  • Life, Personal & Social Science:
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Disease Detectives
    (Food Borne Illness)
    (Tundra, Taiga)
    Microbe Mission
  • Physical Science & Chemistry:
    Sounds of Music
    Wind Power
    Chemistry Lab
    Protein Modeling
  • Earth & Space Science:
    Dynamic Planet
    (Earth's Fresh Waters)
    Remote Sensing (Human Impact on Earth)
  • Technology & Engineering:
    Mission Possible
    Mouse Trap Vehicle
  • Inquiry & Nature of Science:
    Experimental Design
    Sumo Bots
    Technical Problem Solving
    Write It Do It
  • Science Olympiad 2011

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Science Olympiad 2008

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