Region Band Results

On Saturday, November 2 RMS Band students competed against students from over 20 other schools to try to earn a spot in the Region XIX Band.  We are very proud of the hard work that ALL of our students put in preparing for this contest.  Once again, we have a great representation from RMS!  Congratulations to the RMS Band kids that earned a chair in one of the region bands:
Alyssa, Flute - 1ST CHAIR!!!!!
Lena, Flute - 8th chair 
Emma, Flute - 9th chair 
 Maggie, Flute - 11th chair
Jennifer, Bassoon - 1ST CHAIR!!!!!!
 Emma, Clarinet - 4th chair
Jacqueline, Clarinet - 5th chair
 Brooke, Clarinet - 7th chair
Madison, Clarinet - 9th chair 
Leslie, Alto Sax - 4th chair
Allison, Tenor Sax - 2nd chair
Amanda, French horn - 7th chair
Neil, Cornet - 12th chair
Lawrence, Trombone - 3rd chair 
Ben, Trombone - 5th chair
Ingrid, Trombone - 7th chair
Tim, Baritone - 3rd chair 
 Abby, Flute - 7th chair
Robin, Oboe - 2nd chair
Alyssa, Clarinet - 4th chair
Rob, Bass Clarinet - 4th chair 
Sara, Alto Sax - 1st chair 
Tyler, Alto Sax - 2nd chair 
Kayla, French horn - 4th chair
Jack, Cornet - 6th chair
Trent, Cornet - 7th chair
Hayes, Cornet - 11th chair 
Taylor, Cornet - 12th chair
Grant, Baritone - 4th chair  
Asher, Percussion - 6th chair 
Sarah, Clarinet - 4th chair
Chase, Clarinet - 11th chair
Isabelle, Bass Clarinet - 4th chair
Jordan, Alto Sax - 2nd chair
Aaron, Alto Sax - 6th chair 
Nicholas, Tenor Sax - 2nd chair
Alden, Cornet - 7th chair 
Leo, Tuba - 1st chair 
Haeleigh, Tuba - 4th chair
Wyatt, Tuba - 5th chair
Eric, Percussion - 6th chair