WCE Cardinals Are Kind, Safe, Respectful and Responsible

Community Fundraising Programs

Box Tops
Don't throw away that Box Top! Willow Creek receives $.10 for each Box Top collected! So, get out those scissors and start clipping and trimming your General Mills Box Tops!  Contests will be held periodically.  Send any collected Box Tops to your child's teacher and the class with the most Box Tops will win prizes! Get your relatives, friends, and neighbors involved and get to clipping! Your efforts earned the school almost $1800 last year.  Good Luck to everybody!  Check out the Box Tops website for even more ways to earn money for our school at www.btfe.com.
Box Top coordinator: Heather Richmond.
What's for dinner tonight?  How about chicken!!  Did you know that you can earn money for our school by collecting Tyson Project A+ labels?  Send the Tyson labels in to your child's teacher along with the Box Top labels.  Each one is worth $0.24!  For more information about the Project A+ program, go to www.Tyson.com
Randall’s Rebates WCE
When you purchase items on the shelf with the yellow school bus and use your Randall's card, WCE can receive 10% back. The rebates on products purchased from August 11th-September 14th will print on your receipts beginning September 17th. Just drop the receipts by the school before October 13th and WCE will apply for the rebate. Questions?? Contact Amy O'Bryant, amy@theobryants.com. Our Randall's # is 2069!

At Kroger's, don't forget to have your Share Card scanned. If you have lost it or need an additional one, there are laminated ones on the bookshelves in the foyer. These cards may be taped to one side of the plastic card.

Abitibi Paper Recycling

Abitibi Paper Recycling bin continues to be emptied weekly. Please remember however, no food boxes, large cardboard boxes or phonebooks.


Office Depot

Office Depot has expanded its cash back program which allows Willow Creek to earn credit towards supplies for its building. As you shop at Office Depot, select Willow Creek as your school and we can receive a credit of 5% for qualifying purchases. Our unique school number is #70098395. (If you forget this, they can look up our number.)


Rapid Refill Ink

Rethink, Reuse, Recycle, Reink...Send your cartridges to Willow Creek (computer alb 606 or 607) for recycling.