January 19, 2017
Academics:  Next progress report will go home week of Jan. 30
  • World Cultures Test....Friday, Jan. 20....over Europe.  Here is the quizlet for studying: Quizlet
  • Rela....Expository Essay....will work on in class week of Jan. 23
  • Science.....Friday, Jan. 20....over Balanced/Unbalanced Forces, Inclined Planes, Pulleys Forces Review Part 1  Forces Review Part 2
  •   The kids have a Knowsys vocabulary quiz each Friday.   Friday, January 20, there is a quiz over Group 14.   Here is the link to those words for studying.  Link to Knowsys Vocab groups  There is also a Knowys app you can get for the kids to study with.  It is not just knowing the meaning.  The quiz is being able to pick which word fits best in a sentence. 
  •  There is online access to the math textbooks:  http://www.connectED.mcgraw-hill.com Your child's user name is hisd+student ID# (hisd123456)   Their password is the Novell password they use to get on a computer at school. It is different from last year.  If they can't remember it, you can text me through Remind or email me and I will send it to you. 
  • Math Practice at home through Classworks.  This program will help the kids practice their math at home.  The webpage is https://manager.classworks.com/humbleisd.net  The student's user name is their ID#.  Their password is h+ID# (Example: h123456)
Course Selection for next school year:
     Mrs. Ashby will meet with the students on Thursday, Jan. 19th to talk about course selection next year.  They will get their course cards on Monday, Jan. 23.  The cards will be due back to their RELA teachers by Friday, January 27th.  There is a parent meeting on Wednesday, January 25th, at 5:30pm in the amphitheater for any parents that have questions.
The Humble Rodeo and BBQ Cook Off will have a cooking category for kids this year.  Here are the details: Humble Rodeo and BBQ Cookoff
Cheerleading Tryouts:
    If your child is interested in being a cheerleader next year at WMS there will be a parent meeting on Tuesday, January 31st at 6pm in the WMS Library.  You need to know what the time and $ responsibilities are for this organization.  The actual tryouts will be March 9 and 10.  The 3 days prior to that the coaches will have after school clinics to teach the girls the dance and routine they have to use in the tryouts.  Cheer is a class and can be used for PE credit but is only for 1st semester.  Here is the packet of information: Cheer Application and Packet
Lionettes Tryouts:
   There is a tentative date for these: March 20-23.  This is our Dance team and it is also a class and counts for PE credit.  More information about tryouts will be added as it becomes available.
National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)... Sixth grade students may apply for membership in the Spring.  If your child's core curriculum subject average (Math, Rela, Science, W. Cultures) is 85 or above and they have no N's or U's in conduct on their report card, they will be invited to apply for membership.  The application includes sections for community service, leadership, and co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.  Just having high grades and conduct is not enough to gain membership.  The applications usually go out right after Spring Break and are due the first week of April.  If your child is interested in being a part of this great organization they need to keep their grades up, have good conduct, and participate in extra activities at school or in their community.  For more information see the sponsor, Mrs. Campbell, or read the membership details: NJHS Membership Details
Student Council (Stu Co): This organization works in our school and community and are great role models for other students .  To be in Stu Co, students must maintain an overall 80 average in ALL classes, have no N's or U's in conduct, and no office referrals.  They must be dependable, responsible, and respectful. Once they are in Stu Co they will be required to complete at least 8 hours of community service per semester.  For more information see the Stu Co sponsor, Mrs. Surles or visit the Stu Co website under Activities on the main Woodcreek page. 
Yearbooks:  Don't forget to order your yearbook!  They are $38 if you buy before Jan. 31. 
Woodcreek Annual Fund Link       Rather than having kids sell candy or wrapping paper or candles or coupon books (don't you hate that?)....we are asking parents that want to donate to our school to support our Annual Fund. It is tax deductible and 100% goes to our school.  Here is the link to the information:   Woodcreek Annual Fund   
 All 6th graders have been issued an ID badge. They need to wear it every day on a lanyard around their neck.  If they lose it and need to get it replaced they will need to come to the Asst. Principal's office and pay $3 for a new one.  In the cafeteria we let those wearing their IDs in line first....those who forgot their IDs have to wait to get their lunches.  Also, there are no privileges (sitting on patio, getting a snow cone, etc) if you are not wearing your ID.  
Please put your child's name on everything: backpack, lunchbox, gym clothes, key chain, agenda, inside tag of jackets, inside shoes... they leave stuff everywhere and we will get it back to them if we have a name.  First initial and last name is enough.  
  If you have not done so yet, please join my Remind group!!  I send out text messages specifically about your grade level.  Students are also allowed to join.  To join all you need to do is send a text message to the number 81010....the text message should read @wms6th2016   If you do it correctly you will get a message back that you have joined my group. 
Here are some other important dates for your calendar:
Jan. 19                      Students meet with counselor about course selection for next year 
Jan. 20                      W. Cultures and Science Test 
Jan. 25                       5:30 parent meeting about course selection in amphitheater
Jan. 27                       Course selection cards due to Rela teachers 
Week of Jan. 30        Progress Reports go home
Feb. 20                      No School for Students....Prof. Growth day for staff
Week of Feb. 20        Progress Reports go home
March 6                     Practice STAAR Reading Test...please be on time to school
March 7                     Practice STAAR Math Test....please be on time to school
March 10                   End of grading period
March 13-17              Spring Break
April 14                     Holiday   ..... Good Friday
May 8                         STAAR Math Test....grade 6...please be on time to school
May 9                         STAAR Reading Test....grade 6...please be on time to school
 If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call me.    I am looking forward to a fun, successful 3 years of middle school with all of you!
Tanya Close 6th Grade Asst Principal (for 2016-17)