March 24, 2017 
      Please take the Parent Satisfaction Survey!  This will give us information on what we are doing well and what we can improve on.  Please complete the survey by March 31.  Here is the link: Parent Satisfaction Survey 
      Humble ISD has changed to gmail.  My correct email address is at the bottom of this page. 
      Physicals for next school year.....If your child is going to be in Athletics, Cheer, or Lionettes they are required to have a 2017-2018  physical on file for next school year. The physical must:
  • Be on a district 2017-18 physical form.....Here is the correct form: Humble ISD Physical 17-18
  • Be conducted AFTER February 1, 2017
  • Have the date of examination with clearance
  • Have a physician's stamp  
       On Monday, April 10th, the coaches will take current PE students on buses after school to SCHS to get their physicals.  This is not mandatory but is an easy way to get the physical taken care of.   The cost is $20 and the students will need to be picked up at SCHS when they are finished.  If your student needs a physical but is not currently enrolled in PE they can still go to SCHS that afternoon to get their physical but will need their own transportation. 
       Immunizations needed before your student can begin 7th grade! :   All 7th graders are required to have a Tdap booster within the last 5 years and a meningococcal (MCV4 or Menactra) vaccine after their 11th birthday.  If your student has received these vaccines, please send an updated shot record to our school nurse.  If your student has NOT received one or both of these vaccines, please make sure he/she receives them prior to the start of next school year.  You can email the record to our nurse at WMS Nurse Email  or fax the record to 281-641-5310.  If you have any questions, please call Nurse Faubion at 281-641-5205.
Calendar for next school year has been approved:  2017-2018 Calendar   The state will not let us start school before the 3rd Monday in August and they have changed from a #days requirement to #minutes.  To help meet this requirement the district is adding 10 minutes to the end of the school day for middle school and eliminating some of our late arrival days.  When you look at the calendar there is some information on the left telling you that we have late arrival each Thursday EXCEPT for the following dates: Sept. 7, Dec. 7, Jan. 4, Jan. 18, Feb. 22, March 29, April 5, and May 10.
Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands, Slime, and Homemade stress balls....Don't you love the internet?  It gives the kids not-so-wonderful ideas of things to do and bring to school that drive educators batty.  Parents, please have your kids leave their slime, rubber bands, and stress balls (balloons filled with flour) at home.  They are causing a disruption, not to mention a mess, in the classrooms.  
End of Year 6th Grade Party:  My Advisory Council is helping me plan our end of the year party.  I will put updates here as they come up.  So far we have a date:  Friday, May 26....from after school until 6:30.  Right now our plan is to have 3 different events going on at the same time....a dance with a DJ in the cafeteria, a Smash Brothers video game tournament in the amphitheatre, and a dodge ball tournament in the gym.  The kids are allowed to go from one event to another.  Tickets will be $5 and will be sold at lunches in the 2 weeks prior to the party.  There will be an additional fee for the kids that want to be in the video game tournament to cover the cost of prizes. We will have food for sale and I will post those prices later.  This is NOT a dress up party.  Students who have been in ISS at any time this semester are NOT allowed to attend. We will need some parent volunteers to help with the food and dodge ball tournament.  If you would like to volunteer, please email me.   The advisory council is also planning to have a theme but we have not voted on that yet. 
Academics:  End of the grading period is Friday, March 10.  Report card grades will be available on-line after Spring Break.

  • World Cultures.....April 7 - test on Middle East......April 28 - Test on Africa, Part 1
  • Math.....Test on April 5
  • Science.....Test on April 20 over Earth Science
  •   The kids have a Knowsys vocabulary quiz each Friday. There will be a cumulative Summative over units 16-20 on Friday, March 24.  Here is the link to those words for studying.  Link to Knowsys Vocab groups  There is also a Knowys app you can get for the kids to study with.  It is not just knowing the meaning.  The quiz is being able to pick which word fits best in a sentence. 
  •  There is online access to the math textbooks: Your child's user name is hisd+student ID# (hisd123456)   Their password is the Novell password they use to get on a computer at school. It is different from last year.  If they can't remember it, you can text me through Remind or email me and I will send it to you. 
  • Math Practice at home through Classworks.  This program will help the kids practice their math at home.  The webpage is  The student's user name is their ID#.  Their password is h+ID# (Example: h123456)
Course Selection for next school year:
    The students will bring home a course selection verification sheet this Friday.  It should have listed all the classes they have signed up for next year.  This is NOT a schedule.  If there is something on there that you need to change, draw a line through it and write what you want instead.  You cannot be in PreAP math next year if you were not in PreAP math this year unless you take the placement test over the summer and make the required score.   The verification sheets will be due back by Friday, March 31st.  You will get them one more time before the end of the school year to make final adjustments.     Here is the course guide for middle school: Middle School Planning Guide
Lionettes Tryouts:
   There are try-outs for our dance team, The Lionettes.  Here is the packet of information: Lionette Tryout Packet  The paperwork is due by March 10 at 4:00pm along with the $10 tryout fee.  Tryouts begin the day after Spring Break, March 20.  The girls will learn the routine and then the actual tryout day is March 23rd.  
National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)... Applications to join NJHS will be sent out on March 9 and 10 to those eligible.  If your child's core curriculum subject average (Math, Rela, Science, W. Cultures) is 85 or above and they have no N's or U's in conduct on their report card, they will be invited to apply for membership.  The application includes sections for community service, leadership, and co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.  Just having high grades and conduct is not enough to gain membership.  The application will be due by Friday, March 24 at 4:00pm. For more information see the sponsor, Mrs. Campbell, or read the membership details: NJHS Membership Details   Candidates will be notified of the results of the selection committee by Friday, April 14th and induction of new members will be May 9. 
Student Council (Stu Co): This organization works in our school and community and are great role models for other students .  To be in Stu Co, students must maintain an overall 80 average in ALL classes, have no N's or U's in conduct, and no office referrals.  They must be dependable, responsible, and respectful. Once they are in Stu Co they will be required to complete at least 8 hours of community service per semester.  For more information see the Stu Co sponsor, Mrs. Surles or visit the Stu Co website under Activities on the main Woodcreek page. 
Woodcreek Annual Fund Link       Rather than having kids sell candy or wrapping paper or candles or coupon books (don't you hate that?)....we are asking parents that want to donate to our school to support our Annual Fund. It is tax deductible and 100% goes to our school.  Here is the link to the information:   Woodcreek Annual Fund   
 All 6th graders have been issued an ID badge. They need to wear it every day on a lanyard around their neck.  If they lose it and need to get it replaced they will need to come to the Asst. Principal's office and pay $3 for a new one.  In the cafeteria we let those wearing their IDs in line first....those who forgot their IDs have to wait to get their lunches.  Also, there are no privileges (sitting on patio, getting a snow cone, etc) if you are not wearing your ID.  
Please put your child's name on everything: backpack, lunchbox, gym clothes, key chain, agenda, inside tag of jackets, inside shoes... they leave stuff everywhere and we will get it back to them if we have a name.  First initial and last name is enough.  
  If you have not done so yet, please join my Remind group!!  I send out text messages specifically about your grade level.  Students are also allowed to join.  To join all you need to do is send a text message to the number 81010....the text message should read @wms6th2016   If you do it correctly you will get a message back that you have joined my group. 
Here are some other important dates for your calendar:
April 14                     Holiday   ..... Good Friday
May 8                         STAAR Math Test....grade 6...please be on time to school
May 9                         STAAR Reading Test....grade 6...please be on time to school
May 26                       6th Grade end of the year Party
May 29                       No School....Memorial Day
May 31                       10:00 am    6th Grade Awards
June 1                         Early Dismissal 12:30
June 2                         Early Dismissal 12:30   Last day of school 
 If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call me.    I am looking forward to a fun, successful 3 years of middle school with all of you!
Tanya Close 6th Grade Asst Principal (for 2016-17)  281-641-5213