Ms. Jamie Myers
6th Grade RELA/Writing
Room number: 603
Phone Number: 281-641-6060
*****Important Date Change Award ceremony is June 3. My apologies I sent out that it was May 3.***
Upcoming Events for 6th Grade Writing:

 Week of May 12-16:This week we have finished up writing our fairy tales and learning the elements of a fictional fairy tale. We will begin making board games using what we learned and fairy tale story. If you child has any old game pieces that you are not using and you would like to dontate please send them to school. They can encorporate them into their game.


Week of May 19-23:  We will finish up our board games.  Then students will exchange their board games and play them.


Week of May 26-30: Remember NO school Monday May 26. This week we will be creating persuasive travel brochures for Summer Traveling and present them to the class. At the end of the week they will be able to choose another groups board game and play the games.


Week of June 2-6: Last week of school This week be finals week and I do not have the finals schedule yet. Also there is an award ceremony from 10:05-11:05 on Tuesday June 3 . More activities will come as I get the final schedule.


Please continue to encourage your child that we are still in school and to still follow all school and classroom expectation. I have had mulitple students stop brining expected supplies to class and we are still having insturctional time.

 I am excited to have your child in my class this year. It is my goal to provide a positive, successful learning environment for every student. Please support your child’s language development by promoting writing and reading as often as possible. Ask your child to read his writing aloud and make it clear that you are interested in what he has to say. Offer a variety of opportunities to read books, magazines, and appropriate Internet content. Discuss interesting word choices in lyrics, movies, and commercials…and by all means, have fun! Let’s also work to keep an open line of communication. I know that by working together we can make your child have a successful learning experience.
Class Schedule:

 1st Period-Writing Pre-AP

2nd Period-Planning

3rd Period-Writing

4th Period-Writing Pre-AP

5th Period-Writing

6th Period-Writing

7th Period-Conference

8th Period- Writing

 Go Bearcats!!!!