Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps Program
Leadership Education and Development
Welcome to the 2015~2016 school year!! We are excited to get the new year started and will be working very hard this year in all aspects of our program. We ask that you show up with a good attitude, willingness to work hard, willingness to explore your full potential, desire to help others, and most of all MOTIVATION!
Naval Honors             Naval Honors
Naval Honor School
SY 12/13, SY 13/14, SY14/15
The Atascocita High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC Program was selected as one of top performing Junior ROTC Programs in Region Five which consist of over (50) schools in several states. The selection process begins with each program turning in a package highlighting exceptional performance in areas to include but not limited to Academic rigor, Civic Service, Drill, Color Guard, Physical Fitness, Marksmanship and Career Progression. This is a very unique designation considering the program here at Atascocita was started in 2011.
Home Football Game versus Clear Falls at Turner Stadium 
Cadets that are planning on attending the game should meet outside the ticket gate NLT 1830 for accountability - and free entrance into the stadium.  We participate down on the field level by running spirit flags after a score, doing pushups and calling cadences.  The uniform for this event will be Physical Training gear (green shirt and shorts) that will be issued to the Cadets in class this week.  If your son/daughter is being dropped off please have a plan to pick them up after the game which usually ends around 2130.  Hope to see you there!PURPOSE OF MARINE CORPS JUNIOR ROTC
The purpose of the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program, commonly referred to as “Junior ROTC,” is to instill a value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.  It does not seek any particular commitment to the military.

1. Develop informed and responsible citizens.
2. Develop leadership skills.
3. Strengthen character.
4. Promote an understanding of the basic elements and requirements for national security.
5. Help form habits of self-discipline.
6. Develop respect for, and an understanding of, the need for constituted authority in a democratic society.

1.      The Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Program will utilize the following procedures for classroom management:


·         Expectations:

o   Be on Time. Cadets are expected/required to be inside the classroom when the bell rings.

o   Be Respectful. Cadets are expected/required to respect themselves, other Cadets, Instructors, and Teachers/Staff. Set a positive example!

o   Be Responsible/Accountable. Cadets are expected/required to utilize sound judgment, make mature decisions, use time management, initiative, and complete assigned tasks on time.

o   Stay Engaged. Cadets are expected/required to remain on task, look for areas of improvement, and help others as needed.

·         Discipline Management:

o   Cadets will act in accordance with Campus/District guidelines. Failure to adhere to established rules may result in referral to the appropriate House Principal.

·         Restroom Breaks (Head Calls): No head calls the first ten minutes and last ten minutes. Emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis.

·         Electronic Devices: No electronic devices will be utilized. Exceptions may be made by the Senior Marine Instructor as required.

·         Entry/Exit Routes/Routines:

o   Entry will be made via the main door for room 1502 and 1503. Exit will be made via the same doors.

o   Cadets will quietly enter the room and take their position behind their assigned seat. They will remain standing until the Pledge of Allegiance has been recited and attendance has been taken. Cadets will take their seats when given the command and will not adjust until given the proper command.

o   Cadets will stand at attention when given the proper command and will dismiss when given the proper command.

·         Emergency Procedures:

o   All emergencies will be handled in accordance with published Campus/District guidelines.

WEEKLY SCHEDULE (*Subject to change*)
Monday - Academics
Tuesday - Uniform
Wednesday - Physical Training (3rd, 5th, & 7th)
Thursday - Physical Training (2nd, 4th, & 6th)
Friday - Professional Development/Assessment
AFTER SCHOOL PRACTICE - Practice will be held Monday ~ Thursday from 1445 to 1630. 
Chief Warrant Officer 4 J. 'Mike' Lasyone, USMC(ret) / Senior Marine Instructor / Atascocita High School MC JROTC
Master Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Fleming, USMC(ret) / Marine Instructor / Atascocita High School MC JROTC