Rebecca Yurick
3rd Grade
Room 301


Wish List:
Clorox wipes
Hand sanitizer

Daily Schedule

7:50     Arrival (students fill out their planners, teacher checks and signs planners)8:05    Tardy bell/Announcements

8:10     Morning Meeting

8:20     Math (snack at 9:30 while working)

9:45     Reading Lesson

10:15    Specials

11:05    Reading continued (small groups, JRR)

12:15    Lunch/Recess/Read aloud

1:10      Writing

2:00     Word Study

2:25     Science

3:05     Dismiss to hallway/classroom dismissal point

3:10     Car riders

3:15     Bus/day care

3:20     Walker/biker/YMCA



Specials Schedule
Monday- Library/Art
Tuesday- P.E.
Wednesday- Computer
Thursday- Music
Friday- P.E.
Conference Times
My conference times are Monday-Friday 10:15-11:05 
Conferences must be scheduled in advance.
Please call or e-mail to schedule a meeting.

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