ms. neighbors
2nd Grade Teacher
Room Number: 201

Telephone Number: 281-641-3430
Email Address:
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"...When we all teach, learn, and communicate...we all succeed." 
Student Schedule

7:50-8:05- Morning Routines/Announcements

8:05-8:15- Morning Meeting

8:15-8:45- Whole Group Reading Lesson

8:45-9:45- JRR/Reading Workshop and Guided Groups

9:45-10:00- Read Aloud and healthy snack

10:00- 11:15- Math and Math Workshop 

11:15-11:45- begin Writing
and Writing Workshop

11:45-12:45- Lunch and Recess

12:45-1:10- complete

Writing and Writing Workshop

1:15-2:05- Specials *

2:05-2:25- Word Study

2:25-3:05- Science/Social Studies-

3:05-3:10- Dismissal Routines

3:15- Dismissal

*Specials on Monday is at 2:10 and Tuesday is at 12:20.

Note: Extra Rotation in Specials on Thursdays at 2:10


Your child, you, and I will make a great team. “Go team!” 

Conference Times
Mondays at 2:15
Tuesdays at 12:25
Fridays at 1:20
-Please help your child to remember to wear or bring appropriate shoes for P.E. Also, your child may keep a pair of gym shoes in the classroom backpack closet.
-If your child is changing the way he or she is going home, send a letter to the child's teacher or the front office before dismissal.
-Please feel free to contact me via email or phone: 281-641-3430. Calls do not ring into the classroom between 7:30-3:30., so you may leave a voice mail. I check my phone at the end of the day and will return your call that evening, unless I am off campus on the day you made the call. In that case I will call you back the following day.
I look forward to working with you and your child. We will make a great team for his or her success! I check my emails before and after school. If I receive an email before or during school hours, I may not have an opportunity to sit down at the computer and respond until after school hours. I will respond to your email or voice mail as soon as possible. Please call the office for emergencies.

Future events:
-I will be emailing a weekly classroom calendar and newsletter.
-The Specials rotation is on the calendar link for August. Specials will be included on following months as well as school events.
 Specials Rotation
 A B C D E F G
Aug. 24
Aug. 25
Aug. 26
Aug. 27
Aug. 31
Sept. 1
  Computer Lab – 1st/3rd 9 weeks    Art – 2nd/4th 9 weeks