Bienvenue au site du Cercle Français!
Welcome to the French Club website!
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Allez les panthères!
 Next Meeting: Thursday, 9/18
(Meetings take place ever other week in Madame Randall's room after school.
Announcements will be made in class for all meetings and events. )
Upcoming Events
Updated!! Event was changed to
Sunday, Sept. 21st, 2-4 PM
Kick-off Event at Houston Grand Prix
(potluck food and fun to meet and mingle)
Friday, 9/26 7:30PM-- Meet-Up @ the Black Cat Theater
for Death By Chocolate
French Club students and parents welcome

 Click on left for permission slips.
Anyone at KPark can join French Club...
French Club Membership requirements:*
1) Desire to hang out with wildly cool people.
2) Desire to eat food, play games, visit places you never have before.
3) Willingness to pay $10 annual membership fee.
* You do not have to take French to be in French Club.