Kingwood All Sports Booster Club
A special thank you to our 2013-2014 Booster Club
Members for their continued support of athletics at Kingwood High School.


Platinum Members

Lee and Lelia Beckelman

Tim and Deb Cesarek

Randy and Ann Fowler

Hal and Val Gagliano

Derek and Lisa Gilman

Butch and Tabitha Gunnels

John Hazle and Deborah Haase

Russell and Lisa Kent

Tracie Quintanilla

Jeff and Pam Smith

Shawn and Kellie Teeters
Rob and Stacey Tyler

Rex and Candace Wall


Gold Members

Jamie and Patti Conn

Don and Shanon Gould

Brent and Karen Monteleone

James and Jennifer Odom

Lawrence and Patricia Walker

Kevin and Diane Walters

John and Olinda Woodruff


Silver Members

Darrell and Julie Antrich

Leah Chevalier-Mouton

Daniel and Lydia Chong

Dan and Kimberly Dempster

Tim and Christy Duncan

David and Cheryl Dvorak

Cassie Fiscus

Troy and Michelle Ford

Carl and Sandra Gregerson

Jim and Vanessa Hester
Bill and Janet Janis

Bill and Elena Kritzer

Glenn and Barbara Levengood

Mark and Mary Manifould
Greg and Wendy Nazzal

Nancy Phillips

Lynn Preston

Dominic and Caroline Trower

Todd and Becky Walker

Timothy and Maria West


Mustang Blue Members

Mike and Moj Ahmadi

Robert and Angela Amar

Myrl and Linda Artac

Frank and Melissa Bocock

Dale and Terri Bransom

Theodore and Rachel Clark

Brian and Debra Davis

Mike and Shana Foley

Joe and Angie Galatas

Jeff and Amy Graves

Joseph and Kelly Hanania

Michael and Colleen Harris

Bob and Joan Hayes

Steve and Barbara Heller

Eric and Laura Hoffman

Eric and Jennifer Hollingsworth

Bill and Pam Langenbahn
Michael and Lori Lunow

Tom and Margie McGuffey

Joe and Aimee Moore

Scott and Cindy Mosby
Joe and Alarie Moseley
Rick and Jill Muir
Shaun and Jan Mullen

Kevin O’Bryant

Ted Yank and Linda Paulson

Jim and Melody Pokluda

Matt and Debbie Prucha

Phillip and Miriam Rich

Kirk and Connie Rickerman

Rob and Sharon Rolnik

Evan and Nancy Russell

JoAnn Savoie

Tom and Doris Schleigh

Kelly Sloan

Sam and SusanTillinghast

Kevin Vincent

Richard and LaDonna Winters