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Lady Cougars...
You can get your physical compleated from your family doctor, Medspring Urgent Care- 19$ coupon, NextCare Urgent Care-25$ coupon, Walgreens- 39$ coupon, HEB RedClinic- 49$ coupon, or any other place that offers physicals. Be sure that it is on the 2015-2016 Humble ISD Physical Forms or we will not be able to except them. You CAN NOT do anything in athletics until you have your Physical turned in!!!! That even means you can not tryout for any sports!
Athletic Paperwork for 2015-2016
Lady Cougars....
 Volleyball Open Gym Dates 1:30-3:30

July 14th & 16th @ KMS
July 21st & 23rd @ RMS
Summer Camps
KPHS Speed Camp June 15- July16
KPHS Softball Camp August 3-6
Middle School Athletic Cold Weather Guidelines
Clothing 70°F or higher- shorts69°F -50°F short sleeves & long pants w/ sweatshirt or jacket49°F -45°F long sleeves & long pants w/ sweatshirt or jacket45°F -35F- the students entire body including head and hands need to be covered- warm-up inside, can go outside no longer then 30min, cool-down insideUnder 35F- Cannot go outside(Go by what it feels like/wind chill not the temperature itself) Lady Cougar Track Field events are before school for 7th grade (7:15-8:00) and after school for 8th graders (4:15-5:00) Running will be during the class period Track Meet of the Week... April 1stKMS vs SMS, AMS, WMS @ Turner Stadium NO Morning Practice on Monday March 30 or Tuesday March 31 Travel Release Form 2015 Track & Field Schedule 7th grade practice 7am - 1st period 8th grade practice 7th period - 5pm  No early practices on Thursdays!! If you have any questions please contact 281-641-4309 "Enter to learn. Leave to achieve. Plan. Prepare. Succeed"