Name: Mr. Kenneth Hale
Grade: 6-8
Subject / Department: Orchestra
Room Number: 906
Telephone Number: (281) 641-4313(281) 641-4313
Email Address:

Welcome to Kingwood Middle School Orchestra!
 Update (2/23-2/27)
 This is it!  This is KMS Orchestra UIL Contest week.  Both Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras are working hard to receive sweepstakes this year.  The contest dates are THIS Thursday and Friday (26th and 27th).  This year's contest is held at Kpark and the schedule is a follows:
Philharmonic Orchesta - Thursday, 26th
   3:30PM - Warm up
   4:00PM - Concert
   4:30PM - Sight-reading
(Note: Parents will be picking their children up around 5 PM)
Symphony Orchestra - Friday, 27th
   11:00AM - Warm up
   11:30AM - Concert
   12:00PM - Sight-reading
 Encourage your children to practice!  This is a very challenging and fun time for the Orchestras.  Let's get out there and make some Cougar Pride!
     Period Schedule
     1st - ISS 
     2nd - Beginning 
     3rd - Philharmonic 
     4th - Beginning 
     5th - Symphony
     6th - Conference
     7th - Conference
(4th and 3rd Period switch on Thursdays)