Name: Mr. Kenneth Hale
Grade: 6-8
Subject / Department: Orchestra
Room Number: 906
Telephone Number: (281) 641-4313
Email Address:

Welcome to Kingwood Middle School Orchestra!
Week 9 Update (10/6-10/10)
 We are now focusing mainly on building our technical skills as well as practicing hard for our Dec 9th Christmas concert.  We are trying some Christmas favorites as well as some pretty hard new music. 
This week will consist of technique strengthening and polishing new music for the Christmas Concert. 
     Period Schedule
     1st - ISS 
     2nd - Beginning 
     3rd - Philharmonic 
     4th - Beginning 
     5th - Symphony
     6th - Conference
     7th - ISS 
(4th and 3rd Period switch on Thursdays)