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  • Welcome to Kingwood Middle School Orchestra!

  • Mr. Kenneth Hale
    Fine Arts/Orchestra
    Grade: 6-8
    Room Number: 906
    Office Number: (281) 641-4313

    CONTEST SEASON is HERE!!!  I am so excited about the up-coming UIL experience for the Orchestra students this year.  KMS Orchestra is not only taking our regular String Orchestra to contest but also taking Full Orchestra with our KMS Honor Band members.  
    Our Next Charms Test is coming up (Thurs, 2/16/17).  Please be aware of the test selections and sections before submitting the test.
    Important Up-coming Events:
    February 13th - Pre-UIL contest - Orchestra students will have the opportunity to play for judges our UIL program to get an idea on how the real contest will feel like.  This is an excellent experience to help calm the nerves for the real thing!
    March 2nd - UIL Full Orchestra Contest - Orchestra students are joined by Band students to compete at the state level for Sweepstakes rating.  KMS Full Orchestra will perform for state-selected judges to earn 1st place in both a 3-piece performance and a single new sight-reading piece on stage.  Family is welcome to come and watch.  Times and location TBA
    March 7th - UIL Combined Orchestra Contest - Both the Philharmonic and the Symphony Orchestras will combine to compete for Sweepstakes at the state level.  Much like the Full Symphony contest, this combined Orchestra will be representing the school for a state ranking!  Go Cougars!
  • 1st - ISS
    2nd - Symphony Orchestra
    3rd - Beginning Orchestra
    4th - Beginning Orchestra
    5th - Philharmonic Orchestra
    6th - Conference
    7th - Beginning Orchestra