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  • Welcome to Kingwood Middle School Orchestra!

  • Mr. Kenneth Hale
    Fine Arts/Orchestra
    Grade: 6-8
    Room Number: 906
    Office Number: (281) 641-4313

    Region Auditions are OVER!!!  I know all of the students are excited to stop practicing that difficult music.  I am so proud of the students for doing their best at the beginning of this school year.  
    Practice Logs are Due everyweek by Monday for the week previous.  Be dilegent about uploading your times.  
    Our Next Charms Test is coming up (Thurs, 11/5/16).  Region Auditions are coming up quickly.  Please encourage your students to practice the Region Etudes!
    Important Up-coming Events:
    November 1st - Region XXXIII Orchestra chair auditions - Orchestra students that made Region Orchestra will have the chair audition at Creekwood Middle after school. 
    November 11th & 12th -  Region XXXIII Orchestra Clinic/Concert - Located at Porter HS, Friday night and Saturday morning rehearsal will be completed Saturday afternoon with the Region XXXIII Concert.
  • 1st - ISS
    2nd - Symphony Orchestra
    3rd - Beginning Orchestra
    4th - Beginning Orchestra
    5th - Philharmonic Orchestra
    6th - Conference
    7th - Beginning Orchestra