KMS Choir
Caryn Fulford
Grades 6-8
Room 902
Office Phone: 281-641-4311
  "Enter to learn. Leave to achieve. Plan. Prepare. Succeed."
Class Schedule Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
1st period      8:35-9:30        6th grade choir
2nd period      9:34-10:33    7th and 8th grade boys choir
3rd period      10:35- 11:30   Treble choir
4th period      11:30-12:30     6th grade boys choir
5th period       1:00- 2:00       Treble choir
6th period        2:05-3:03        A Capella choir
7th period       Conference
 Congratulations to students who made the All Region Choir!  


Karen Orozco
Carissa Haensgen
Katie Spartz
Jerani Torres
Camryn Pollock
Alicen Criner
Elara Bailey