Enter to Learn. Leave to Achieve. Plan. Prepare. Succeed!

 Monday, September 26th: Money and Orders due for Dinner from Jason's Deli for 7th grade game tonight @ KPHS.  Practice in class will be preparation for our game and pep rally on Friday.  This is a late game meaning we cheer part of the B Team and all of the A Team.  After school cheerleaders are to report to Ms. Johnson's room for Study Hall from 4-5pm if they are not going home with a parent. At 5pm ordered dinners will arrive from Team Moms.  At 5:30 we will change into our uniforms.  At 6:15 (or the conclusion of the C Team game) our buses will transport us to KPHS and we will cheer until the games end.
Tuesday, September 27th: Money and Orders due for Dinner from Jason's Deli for 8th grade game tonight @ AHS.  Practice in class will be preparation for our game and pep rally on Friday.  Buses will leave no later than 4:30.  We will cheer all of the C Team game and part of the B Team game and then our buses will depart AHS.  We expect arrival back at KMS to be around 7:15-7:30pm.
Wednesday, September 28th: Stunting and Pep Rally Dance Practice.
Thursday, September 29th We will not dress out due to the short class periods.  We will focus on learning 5 new cheers and a dry run of our pep rally.
Friday, September 30th: Stunting and Pep Rally Dance Practice.  Pep Rally at roughly 3pm. 
Cheer Class:
MTWF: Period 3, 10:30-11:27
TH: Period 3, 1:08-1:48
Conference Period:  
To set up a conference about your cheerleader, please contact Coach Wells or Coach Johnson so that we can schedule a time that works.
 281-641-4281 (Coach Wells)
281-641-4251 (Coach Johnson)
If you wish to order the Car Sticker for KMS Cheer or the KMS Cheer Yard Sign, please fill out and turn in the paperwork received at the Parent Meeting or emailed out today by our Team Moms, with payment.  Payment is due on Friday, Sept. 9th to Team Moms.
Please check this Website and your email weekly for Cheer Updates.   
What Should I Have at Practice?
*School appropriate Cheer Wear.  This could be your Camp Clothing or any other athletic wear. Clothing must be fitted and not baggy, for safety reasons when stunting. You may not have a bare midriff or Spanx on their own. 
*Cheer Shoes
*Cheer Binder 
Important Dates:
(please mark your calendars!) 
Sept. 9th - All money and orders for yard and car signs are due to Team Moms.
***8th Grade Squad***
Fendi Bearman
Aliyah Bustamante
Isabella Corette
Lauren Drees
Camille Fikes
Marissa Garza
Alexis Godsey
Estibaliz Gonzalez
Holly Haupt
Cassie Huber
Lydia Mattson
Abigail Morris
Gabrielle Pearson
Reese Roman
Peyton Watson
***7th Grade Squad***
Emily Bernal
Zoie Bowman
Izabella Chervenka
Chloe Emanuel
Megan Fischer
Paige Gentry
Cameron Goerner
Hannah Hurley
McKenzie Jackson
Marya Junco
Gracie Kerstein
Kaydence Lege
Cheyanne Means
Rachel Morris
Kylee Parker
Charlee Poulin
Molly Scott
Riley Sigerson
Alexandria Spradlin
Cameron Tipton
Samantha Wells
Kimberlynne Blacker & Ainsley O'Neil