"The mission of Willow Creek Elementary is to provide each child with a quality education that will create the foundation of life-long learning."

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Robin Hornback
Room K1
Kindergartners are learning to live as a learning community. We will use the above  as a basis for making good decisions so that each is treated as a valued member of the community.  Our students also have an opportunity to earn stickers and check marks for trips to the treasure box, shoes off and other special privlidges.
Schedule 2013-2014     moving pencil

     8:00-10:30 Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies
Reading, Poetry, Writer's Workshop, Interactive Writing, Focus & Phonemic Awareness, Shared Reading, Interactive Reading, Sight Words, Word Study, Handwriting, Social Studies, Literacy Centers

10:25-10:40 Recess

10:50-11:20 Lunch  

11:25 - 12:10 Math

12:10-12:40 Specials
Monday - PE, Tuesday - Music, Wednesday - Computer Lab , Thursday - Library , Friday - Power Walk

12:40-1:15 Science

1:15-1:50 Activity Time and Community Circle
1:50 Dismissal
2:10-3:00 Conference Period
!!! Emarquee - Celebrate your student's birthday with an E-Marquee birthday message. Forms are in the weekly "News and Notes" e-mail. Forms need to be turned into Ms. Daniels.