Stacey Diamond, R.N., M.B.A.
Phone: 281-641-2305
Fax: 281-641-2317

Please remember to pick up all medications from the clinic before Friday, June 6.  Medications cannot be left in the clinic during the summer.  Any medications not picked up by a parent or designated adult will be discarded.  New medication forms for the 2014-2015 year are available in the clinic. 

  Flu season is here!  The CDC recommends all people 6 months of age and older receive a flu vaccination.  This year the vaccine provides protection against the H1N1 influenza and two other influenza viruses.  The vaccine is still available - contact your pediatrician, family physician or local pharmacy for appointment times.  It is never too early or too late to receive a flu shot!  For more flu information, please go to
Mosquito repellant at school:  bug sprays are prohibited at school but the wipe-on types and lotions are allowed as long as your child can apply it himself/herself.  Please send a signed note if your child will be applying the mosquito wipes/lotion at school.  If mosquito repellant is needed for your child, please try to apply it before coming to school.

If your child is sick please keep him/her home to recover.  A student with a fever should be kept home until fever-free without fever reducing medications for 24 hours.  In addition, please call in the absence to the absence line at 281-641-2319 with the reason for the absence (fever, strep, vomiting, personal reason, etc.).


                 Humble ISD Medication Policy

*  Medication must be delivered to and picked up from the clinic by a parent or authorized adult.

*  Parent signature is required for the administration of any medication.

*  Prescription and non-prescription medication must be in the original container.  Prescription label must contain the patient name, name of the medication, directions for use and date.

*  Medications given more than 10 days require a physician's signature.

*  PRN (as needed) medications may not be administered more than four times in one month without a doctor's signature.



2014-2015 Immunization Requirements

Students in Kindergarten - 5th Grade need:
Polio - 4 doses with one after 4th birthday1
DTaP/DT/DTP - 5 doses with one after the 4th birthday2
MMR - 2 Doses - must be 2 doses of Measles, Mumps and Rubella
Hepatitis B -3 doses
Varicella - 2 doses - First dose must be after the first birthday3
Hepatitis A - 2 doses - First dose must be after the first birthday and second dose no sooner than 6 months after the first dose

1 If the third dose was administered on or after 4th birthday, only 3 doses required
2 If the fourth dose was administered on or after 4th birthday only 4 does required
3 Students who have had the disease will not be required to have the vaccine. A valid affidavit is required for documentation of the disease
*Please keep all parent/guardian contact information up to date so that we can contact you in an emergency.

Refer to our district Health Services web page for more information.